On a serious note, If you have the same story as me about the vegan diet that has led you to put on weight instead of loosing then surely you are making the same mistake which I did. Going to vegan is not an easy thing. It takes complete knowledge about the food and their energy stats. A lot of people go vegan out of compassion, resulting in severe problems; blaming veganism as their source of loss.

A lot of people change their diet plan for their own reasons, like in case of an animal lover (you just simply boycott with everything that has an animal life), resulting into a lack of knowledge about a proper vegan diet. Not to worry now! You will find everything here. Starting from your own queries to a common problem in bulk.

I will go through a detailed list of adopting a vegan diet plan without gaining weight.

Stick to your decision

I have seen a lot of people shifting from a vegan diet to a non-veg diet plan when they see no result or feel that their health is deteriorating because of the vegan diet. There is no such evidence that proves that a vegan diet can lead to several illnesses or any discomfort. Then, where is the actual problem? The actual problem is coming from those people who shift their diet abruptly without any knowledge of their dietary system.

It’s a simple equation. If I throw you into a chemistry lab and order you to create a gas that makes everyone laugh. You, having no knowledge, would simply either experiment (which might lead to a blast) with the components or would run away. Literally, people without knowledge of the proper vegan diet keeps on complaining that they have gained weight and has degenerated health because of their shift and wush and fush!!

Here you will find a complete diet-plan from famous dietician and thus I guarantee you that this plan would change your lifestyle. So, if you have decided to become a supporter of animal cruelty-free food then, WELCOME! From here there shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind regarding shifting back to non-veg plagued and cancerous food.

Understanding vegan diet

No doubt that a plant-based food in your diet is healthy and nutritious but how one can understand what amount to take and what not. Converting into a vegan diet doesn’t mean you will automatically become healthy and more energetic. I have seen people complaining that the vegan diet has given them more lethargic than before. I throw them only one question- “Are you 100% sure about your nutrition level?” And as usual, they prefer to keep their mouth shut like a junked door.

Always remember, nutrition level varies depending on your gender, size, age and activity levels. 

In order to get a full idea, I have written an answer to Quora. Check this out http://qr.ae/TUGXne

Do’s and Don’t in a vegan diet

Shifting to a vegan diet needs appropriate knowledge that most of us either ignore or doesn’t take it as important.

Always REMEMBER your vegan diet must include a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. It’s very important to go vegan in a healthy and sustainable way.

Note: A lot of people eats randomly anything after going vegan which is a HELL NO! When you turn to vegan, maximum of food contains either pure fat or saturated fat or heavy carbs. Consequently, people gain weight because of the heavy intake of carbs inside the body. Here I would like to mention some of these mistakingly “healthy food items” that are supposedly considered healthier but in reality, these are heavily rich in carbs and fats.

For instance, any kind of sauce, syrup (like corn syrup), fruit juice, bread, rice, cereals, corns, potatoes, sugary sweets, and biscuits (why biscuits? because biscuits contain saturated fats that increase the LDL cholesterol in your body which is what we call bad cholesterol).

Vegan diet proves to be very effective in helping people to reduce weight. As you will go through this article, you will realize that naturally, you are going to take a few calories per day which results in weight loss.

Here are some tips to follow while maintaining a vegan diet

If you want to be fit and healthy then maintaining a healthy and balanced life is required and needed for both men and women. Henceforth, there is not much difference in nutritional intake levels for both the gender, it’s just you have to keep this in mind- eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. Well-known legumes include peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, peanuts, tamarind, clover, mesquite.

Take less of or at least try to limit sodium, sugar and saturated fat. 

The reason I am introducing you guys with the nutrition requirements is basically a healthy diet will ensure your body weight at normal irrespective of your gender. If you maintain a healthy routine every day with a little punch of exercises, your body weight will be normal. You will be safe from gaining extra weight or having any future dangerous illness.

Are you mistakingly taking huge nutrition than required?

A lot of people argue that they feel hungry every time after converting to vegan. Supposedly, you are not supposed to feel hungry in a vegan diet. Remember I told you to include a lot of veggies, fruits, and nuts into your diet? This diet will fill your stomach as much as required so, there’s no question of feeling hungry every time. People who complain about this might be indulging themselves into a lot of intake of nutrition which we call in normal words as “overloaded” and this enables them to load their stomach in a way that they started feeling lethargic and then prefer to sleep throughout the day.  For these people who follow diet absent-mindedly, the power of a vegan diet is misguided.

Losing weight is pretty simple if you follow what I mentioned and also prefer a dietician who will always guide you about your diet routine.

Get enough protein

This myth is smashed with the logical proofs that vegans can get their protein from a number of things. But as per the quantity, a lot of people ignore their protein nutrients and consume about a half of protein every day which give rises to a lot of problems, again blaming vegan diet as their source for illness.

Cynthia Sass is a contributor to the nutrition editor in a New York Times as a best-selling author reports that

One of my clients who was struggling to drop weight (and feeling tired all the time) after he went vegan was surprised to learn he was only consuming about half the protein he needed. Most vegans I work with need at least 60 grams of protein per day. But many don’t know if they’re hitting that quota.

Did you read it carefully?? A lot of people actually mistake it and just ignore it thinking that fruits and veggies gonna help them. haha… He even stated to include more pulses such as beans, lentils, and peas in your meals as they are one of the best sources of plant protein.

You can track your intake with an electronic kitchen weighing machine so that you can have a fair idea about the proper and accurate intake of your vegan diet.

Please pay attention to your mealtime

Again the most common mistake that everyone does- skipping meals, maybe in the morning or at lunch OR taking heavy meals in the evening when our body is at least active.

Our body acts like a machine. Just like a machine needs its fuel to warm up to carry on its activity, likewise, our body needs its fuel to gain enough energy to charge our body for vigorous activities.  A smarter diet is to eat heavy meals earlier when our body is at least active so that they get fueled up during most active hours of the day.

I have seen people engulfing rice two times filling their plate almost full with little amount of veggies and nuts. Even a cup of cooked black beans has about 116 grams of carbohydrates and a cup of rice has about 45 grams. Though these numbers seem to be too little, but if you are taking this amount of food in throughout your day then that would absolutely increase your body weight within a few weeks. The reason is, these heavy calories would add up to the number of intakes throughout the week and your body will swell up than it used to when you took low-carb foods like meats and eggs.

The actual fact people believe that in order to lose weight, they have to put an end to the meat, dairy, and processed food but this isn’t the case. Consuming way more bread, grains, and legumes (without controlling the portion) would surely increase the size of your stomach.

Tips to remember while on a vegan diet

  • Eat more protein which is low in carbs like tofu, seitan, tempeh, and lentils.
  • Opt for more salads with extra protein, instead of white bread sandwiches and pasta/ zucchini noodles rather than spaghetti.
  •  Eat when feeling hungry. Stop overdoing when full.

Follow these guidelines strictly and you will get to see the difference within a few weeks plus your sluggishness will be removed completely.

Once again reviewing

  • Reduce the calories gradually
  • Consume a high-protein meals
  • Never skip a meal
  • Avoid refined sugar (including anything that contains mixed up sugar/dissolved sugar as I mentioned above.
  • Strictly adhere to the plan