What Meghan Markle have to learn in Royal Family?

Meghan Markle, now, it’s an obvious question to all of us. As we all know somewhere the royal blood disconnects because of some prince or princess being married to personalities who don’t belong to the Royal family. As a result, that particular member of the house has to go through a lot of basic nature, attributes and behaviors of the royal tradition. Meghan Markle is of no exception. Being married to Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, the Duchess of Sussex have to employ some of the Royal etiquettes and have to learn some basic royal teachings, maintaining the aristocracy of the royal house.

On May 19, 2018, Harry and Meghan’s wedding was televised and millions of eyes were stuck on her apparel and the grandeur of the ceremony. Meghan Markle looked awfully pretty and so did Harry, trying to intercepting with his smile. Both enhanced their majestically celebrated wedding by some light talks between them. All in all, the pompous event ended and now begins the tough part of being a Duchess. As with Kate Midleton, the Duchess of Cambridge had to go through the same dignified learnings of being a member of a royal family. When she got married to the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, she too was being trained up by experts in everything, who taught her how to treat foreign dignitaries, and how to eat or drink or walk.

The life of royals is not easy and so for Meghan Markle. Just look at what she has to master upon

Learning the Queen’s etiquettes

queen, royal, meghan, meghan markle, queen fashionKate Midleton, Duchess of Cambridge had already taken in charge of her younger sister-in-law for tips on the Queen’s etiquette at her wedding to Prince Harry since she is the most recent person to marry the Royal family. Just like an elder sister, Kate Midleton would be advising the Duchess of Sussex about the royal fashions as well as conversation techniques. Willian Hanson, who has advised private households on etiquette for many years, said that “Meghan won’t have a specific tutor, but the royal household and other members of the Royal Family who have ‘married in’ will be passing on their knowledge to the newest addition.” The most important thing for any royal member is to see and have a close observation on their styles and mannerism. This would be a little difficult and time taking for Meghan but her dedication would surely diminish the time of her learnings. By the time, Meghan has to observe and copy certain tricks of the court life from her elders.meghan, fashion, royal, beauty, royal manners, meghan's royalty, beautiful meghan markle

 The curtsy

Curtsy has always been the first and foremost rule of a royal family. This is the elegance of any aristocrat royal personality. In a royal family, female members must curtsy to the other members of the family with a higher rank to them. If you have observed Kate with the Queen, you have seen her curtsying The Queen at all times when she is solo, as well as to the Duchess of Cornwall and blood princesses. Whereas, lower ranking members of the Royal Family like Zara Phillips are expected to curtsy to Kate. Meghan has to master it and only mastering is not the end. She has the responsibility of doing it correctly and perfectly. Some reports say that Meghan will spend months learning how to be a royal from the Queen’s special advisor, Samantha Cohen who has agreed to stay on as an interim secretary to Meghan and her new husband Prince Harry following their Royal Wedding, despite handing in her resignation last September.

No Tweeter, No Facebook, No Selfies, No Autographs

Yes, you heard that right! I told you long ago. Being a princess is absolutely not that easy. The Royal rulebook prohibits the royal members from using any social media to share their personal life, either in the form of selfies or lifestyle blogging. Meghan Markle had already shunned down her social media pages- her own lifestyle blog, Instagram and The Tig. With 3 million followers on her Instagram account, she has to do away and break the hearts of her fans when she won’t be allowed to take selfies anymore as it is disrespectful for the Royals to take selfies with their fans. According to some royal experts, clicking selfies with someone must be having celebrity but royals never consider themselves as celebrities.  Meghan is also strictly condemned for giving autographs except on royal documents or certain cases like signing visitor’s book.

meghan markle, meghan wedding, meghan style, fashion, royal wedding, royalPaying strict attention to her styles

Simplicity is the “rule” for royals. They are identified as being simple and graceful. Meghan has to say goodbye to her dark-colored nail polish and dress code. She has to be just simple with pale nail polish, light colored lipstick, simple but elegant dress (with no ripped jeans or anything that overtly exaggerates her body). She can no longer splash huge makeup. And that is why you must have observed why she looks so simple! It’s because she is following the royal rules strictly. As camera rolls on her everytime, she has to keep up her best poses with that perfect smile. Royals do get training with perfecting their smile. The women of the Royal family are expected to wear pantyhose and heels (as Queen hates wedges).

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Carrying mourning dress everywhere

This rule actually started when in 1952 King George VI died while then-Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were on vacation in Africa. They had to travel back in regular clothes because they didn’t bring any black clothing with them. Now it’s mandatory for all royal members to carry funeral clothes with them, no matter where they are. This is an act of respect.

Holding the crown

Imagine the hard work it takes to walk with stacks of books over your head. This is where Meghan is getting trained for her walking style. Princess or even Queen should be elegant while walking. They should take careful moves and should know how to wear the crown and carry it. A crown with diamonds and precious rubies is pretty heavy to keep it on the head for quite a long period of time. But being a royal is what learning some hard etiquettes. The modern rule for wearing a tiara is to place it slightly back, away from the top of their head.  Though in olden times it was in front of the forehead. But with times, Royals changed their rules in order to look perfectly astounding with changing fashions.

meghan markle, prince harry, meghan wedding, prince wedding, royal wedding, meghan royalBe gentle and calm

You won’t find any royal member to shout at the public and throw their tantrums. It’s because it is against their rules. All the royal members should know how to talk calmly, listen politely, communicate discreetly; and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex have to learn all these skills of avoiding any drama, clash, negativity or indulging into gossip. Though it is not that difficult to follow but what’s difficult is to learn the art of speaking and communicating with any personality or public figure or say any important person.

Though Meghan’s rule doesn’t end here. There’s a lot more. She is learning every day and every hour. All the best to her for a complete new journey!