You must have heard it from a lot of your relatives and friends- “How are you gonna eat outside?”

No matter how you fight for every day arguments with the meat eaters but regarding that question, it will compel you to think at least once! When you are an omnivore, everything outside seems to be easy- like you really don’t have to think at least once regarding what you are taking inside your stomach.

Now am not saying that being vegan is hard. Sometimes it really needs a calm contemplation and pre-planning of the situation before you fall into some awkwardness.

In this post you will learn about things you need to prepare for your vegan trip before heading out with your friends and relatives or may be alone.

Making your vegan travel easy

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to research thoroughly. The more you research, the easier it would be for you to stay chilled. Just prior to the night before, check for all the vegan options you will be getting on a specific location.

Ransack all the places where you won’t have to struggle with the food. If you can’t find any restaurants with vegan options, it’s better to drop the plan there. The reason is, you don’t want to fall into the trap of getting sick by not eating.

Packing up for vegan travel list

  • Get “The Happy Cow” app
vegan app, cruelty-free app, travel while vegan, vegan trip
It’s an app that find out the nearest vegan restaurants as per your location. Though it will also notify you of some vegetarian places as well. But you can always avoid them if you want only strict adhrence to veganism.

The HappyCow is an online service that lists sources of vegan, vegetarian and healthy food. It’s free! You can always skip the ‘vegetarian’ option and choose your vegan menus accordingly. With the app, you can find more than 90,000 restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores in 180+ countries. This would be an amazing way to start your day planning.

  • Pile up some containers
vegan food, vegan container, containers for vegan tour
Find some containers like this to pack up some delicious meals for you during the trip.

Your vegan trip would be more efficient if you have access to every items that you either need or is really part of your healthy routine. Get yourself some food containers or boxes where you can keep all your nuts or berries or even some fruits.

These containers would save you from getting hungry at long journey tours. For pretty much long travel plans, your friends might can halt at a place and chomp up anything without thinking. The real struggle is with you.

Grab up your favorite meals in your containers. Remember, pack those foods that can last long in the containers. Cooked meals tend to rot easily.

Other than these, you can also carry some  protein-packed vegan goodies, or dairy free protein shakes, unshelled almonds, and plant-based energy bars.

  • Take help from the social media

We are living in the 21st century and everything seems to be so easy breezy for us. You need something, you will get that thing.

Pinterest and Instagram would be a great help to you in exploring all the vegan options while you are travelling. You can take the help of the social media platforms either to cook something for you like some snacks that you can later pack that up or in finding some locations suitable for your taste.

  • With Instagram, you can find certain things out by using Hashtags. Go to the search option and click on the search tabs. Then beneath that you will find an option as “Tags” which will come up with all the posts using the hashtags. Search something like “#glutenfree,” “#vegansnacks,” “#vegandishes” or #vegantravel. The best would be to install ‘Leetags’ in your phone and take the help from it by placing the word vegan and the app will come up with all the popular tags related to the following term.
#vegantravelling vegan insta, vegan travel instagram
Vegans on Instagram will help you in finding out the best option for the travel zone.

Then with those popular tags (copy them) use it on the Instagram search area…and there you go!

  • The same goes for Pinterest. Search for “vegan restaurant [your location]” and it will come up with a hundred different pins that will get you into the enticing zone of labyrinth.
pinterest, vegan on pinterest, vegan travel blog
Pins your favorite places.

Through these broad searches, you can actually have a pretty safe vegan travel ideas.

Don’t hesitate to ask

ask for vegan options
Ask for vegan options.

This is a serious issue and needs to be considered. We vegans have always being conscious of even the single ingredient in the food. You might like a dish but that isn’t meant for you because it contains butter. You might see a delicious meal and would like to order unless you find it is the product of a cow.

A lot of so called “veg” restaurants places menus that do have products from an animal like it may have butter or milk or cheese.

This is because it’s difficult to understand that in a vegetarian restras you would be getting everything that’s completely vegan. Vegetarian restaurants do have dishes that comes from an animal like milk, cheese, and butter.

So, what am supposed to do?

It’s always better to ask the waiter or the shopkeeper if it has anything containing an animal products. A lot of people don’t even know what vegan is. At that time, you need to explain them in detail if the product has no milk, no cheese, no butter in it.

Ask them straight, “Is there egg/fat/meat in that?” if they fail to comprehend what vegan is.

Find some local vegans through online groups

finding local vegans, talk to local vegans, local vegan places, local vegan tours
Your local vegan online groups will help you a lot in exploring the wide areas of vegan communities and other cuisines.

This particular point is for those who are travelling alone and is really extrovert (love to make new friends on road). Though if your other friends has no problem with you considering other vegan friends then that’s fine!

If you’re interested in meeting vegans from around the world and having great vegan dinners or meeting for drinks, and/or animal activism then joining a vegan online group would be a perfect idea for you.

You might not always enjoy the company of your meat eaters group. Keeping yourself fully relaxed with other vegans would finish off your trip pretty good.

I have a list of online groups where you can communicate with them and be a part of their local Vegan Meetup.

Go through these links. May be you will find some exciting things to do while you are on your trip. But this thing needs some time preparation way ahead of your actual vegan trip.

You need to contact these groups via facebook or may be direct calls so that you can actually catch them up with your own timing. Let them know that you are coming to their city and would love to hear their suggestions.

Trust me! There’s nothing more relaxing than finding out another vegan 😀

Get your own cruelty-free cosmetics

vegan makeup, cruelty free makeup, vegan cosmetics, beauty vegan
I always carry wet and wild with me and others just jumped on to try mine ones 🙁

Listen, girls! When you are out and no one is in your party, you gotta carry your own cruelty free cosmetics. I had once been so much agitated while traveling because I forgot to carry my own makeup brands and then one night when every girl had their nighttime routine, I was there sitting and thinking about the rough patches I would be getting after waking up on the morning.

I would always suggest you to carry some extra stuffs. Like one extra faux leather jacket, synthetic wool (when it’s damn cold), one extra pair of vegan shoes, one extra vegan luggage, in case you need.

I know you will be weighed tight under the pressure of carrying so much things but trust me, once you have everything of your own, you actually feel good about taking care of yourself in a cruelty free way.


Follow some vegan travelogers

vegan travel books, vegan travel blogs
travel blogs gives you an explicit idea on where to hunt for a peaceful journey.

I don’t know whether the term travelogers exist but I like to name it for those vegans who do travel blogging. Landing onto a vegan land is like a dream come true of a paradise. There are places that awaits for the vegan travellers to give them a brand new land of vegan dishes, flavors, and smells.

You will be mesmerised by their menus. To do that, head over to some vegan travel bloggers and follow them. You can directly contact them asking if they can help you in exploring the places.

This will help you for sure in finding out how you need to get involve in a specific location.

The above link has got the information of all such vegan travel bloggers who share their experiences and delicious cuisines on Instagram. These pages would be really helpful for you to get a complete picture of your vegan tour in HD.

With this it’s time to make a list of all the important points as stated in the post and then get all your stuffs in your bag.

I know you will face some or the other problem while traveling with your either relatives or friends, but trust me if you prepare yourself for the worst scenario, no one will stop you from having an awesome weekend.

Enjoy your ride!