Top 5 Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In India

Honeymoon destinations are the couple’s most awaited phrase of their life. Hence, I know the struggle of the couples being betrothed via rituals and all sort of marriage ceremonies. After they are done with pledges and time with their relatives; the time has come for some Romantic and candle-light dinner arrangements. Especially, if you are a romantic couple, you would better start planning since long ago.

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Let me help you out with your Honeymoon Destinations’ list. I know it’s a little bit tough for both of you to settle down at a particular destination which would be romantic as well as lifetime memorable experience. Most noteworthy, you know when it’s about Romantic Honeymoon Destination then some wonderful places are eagerly waiting for the lovebirds to shine with their love.

The world is your oyester and you want to make the most out of life as soon as possible.

Without delay let’s just jump into the list of Top 5 Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India:

  1. Shimla- Enticing Hills


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If you are nature lovers couple then certainly the hills of Shimla will entice you like anything else. To put it another way, whether its summer time or winter, the hills have always been the No.1 Honeymoon destination spot for the newlyweds. The awesome weather temperature, hilly picturesque terrain, and lush green meadows make this place an awesome choice for Romantic couples. Amidst the scenic beauty, the snow in winter will drive you to a lustful atmosphere. The best time to visit this wonderful gift of nature would be from October-March as the temperature usually stays between -2 and 8 degree Celsius. Furthermore, you could even enjoy the enchanting beauty of Shimla in summer. Though you won’t experience any snowfall. But the scenic beauty of this place makes it as one of the Best Romantic Honeymoon Spot.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Shimla:-

a. Chail– 55 km far from Shimla, lies a beautiful spot named Chail. You can enjoy horse riding and seek blessings at Gurudwara and temples.

b. Glen– It’s an alluring spot in Shimla, with the stream flowing through the dense forests. Truly, it’s a beautiful scene to enjoy with your partner. It is near the Cecil Hotel and Kennedy House.

c. Kufri– For sports and adventurous couples, this is a joyful spot. You would love to do skiing and horse riding, especially during winters. Beside all these, you would definitely love walking in the lush meadows.

d. Fagu– Some of the couples might get angry with the list because all am mentioning is the places for energetic couples and not those who prefer calm and peaceful environment. Hence, I apologize for the late but Fagu has a very paradisal surrounding and is suitable for those couples who seek peace and calmness in their Honeymoon night (or day).

e. Summer Hill– Summer is again a very Romantic spot on the outskirt of Shimla. Above all, the picture-perfect beauty offers walks under the shade to the couples in the undisturbed surrounding, giving them an opportunity to have some quality time.

f. The Ridge Road– For those couples who enjoy sitting or walking together, viewing the quaint beauty of Nature; you will get a wide open space in the heart of Shimla which presents an excellent view of the girdling mountain ranges.


2. Agra– The city of love


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If you are married or not married, everyone knows the importance of Taj Mahal. The epitome of love, the ethnic beauty, the enchanting monument for Honeymoon couples. Admittedly no journey is complete without this globally renowned World Heritage Site.

a. Taj Mahal

This monument of love is credited as one of the Seven Wonders Of the World. The awe-inspiring story behind the making of the Taj Mahal will make your Honeymoon journey complete. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Regardless the eye-watering story, the place is enhanced by the beautiful gardens around and the Yamuna river beyond.

b. Ram Bagh

Honeymoon destination is incomplete without visiting some of the antique monuments and elegant building. Ram Bagh is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country. Surrounded by the wonderful garden which is divided into four stone-paved pathways. Besides, it is a great place for couples to slow down and relax and walk holding hands ravishing the alluring beauty.

c. Agra Fort

Near the gardens of Taj Mahal lies a beautiful red sandstone Agra  Fort. Inside it, you will see many splendid palaces such as Jahangir and Khas Palaces. You will encounter with a grand hall of audiences called Diwan-i-Khas. It’s one of the rich legacies of Mughals, just like the Taj Mahal. Besides these, on location, you will find spell-bound mosques with their structural beauty- these are Nagina Majid and Moti Majid. Indeed what steals the show is the pure marvels that have been used to construct them.

d. Fatehpur Sikri

A rich historic city among the places to visit Agra, though it’s little away from Agra. An architectural legacy of Emperor Akbar, Fatehpur Sikri consists of beautiful palaces, halls, and mosques. There are some of the major monuments like Buland Darwaza, Panch Mahal, Diwan-i-Khas- Hall, Tomb of Salim Chisti, Palace of Jodha Bai,  Karawan Serai, Birbal Bhawan, Diwan-i-Aam etc. In short, Honeymooners would love traveling and exploring these places.


3. Srinagar– The Kashmiri Venice


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Filled with flowers in spring and snow in winter, Srinagar would be the perfect Honeymoon Destination for couples. The city has several Romantic locations such as:

a. Bhaderwah

The mini-Kashmir is endowed with natural beauty and picture-perfect scenery. The town would be a very good option for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts for planning their honeymoon amidst the wonderful and incredible scenery. In order to create eternally wonderful memories, you can spend some time roaming, traveling and exploring the places.

You must visit these pretty good tourists spots by all means.

Here are some:

  • Jai Valley (The Eco-Health Resort)
  • Lake View Resorts
  • Bhaderwah Fort
  • Sarthal
  • Chinta Valley
  • Seoj
  • Tourist reception centre
  • Khellani resorts
  • Gurdanda – Sunbain glacier

b. Baramulla

Again another natural scenic beauty blessed with natural endowments. The specialty of this place is because of the enchanting beauty of nature and most importantly the Wular lake which is considered as Asia’s largest freshwater lake. Your honeymoon snaps would be filled with some breath-taking pictures. Baramulla has cold, snowy winters and mild summers.

c. Gulmarg

A popular skiing destination is one of the best Romantic places for Honeymooners. It lies in a cup-shaped valley, at a height of 2650m, 56km from Srinagar. The natural scenic beauty of this place is mesmerizing. The natural meadows of Gulmarg are covered with snow in winter that allows the growth of wildflowers such as- daisies, forget-me-not, and buttercups, especially during spring and summer. The meadows are placed among the enclosed parks and small lakes. Honeymoon couples would certainly love winter sports here.

d. Kishtwar

Considering the couples who enjoy taking long walks, Kishtwar is surrounded with lofty mountains, dense deodar, and pine forests, the best place for the couples indulging in long ‘romantic’ walks. This place is also suitable for those Honeymooners who loves pilgrimage sites and wants the blessing for their newly married life. After all, you took oaths in front of the holy fire. So, you must not forget the place where you will get the blessings for your blissful happy married life.

You will find temples:-

  • Athara Bhuja Devi temple
  •  Chandi Mata temple
  • Asthadash bhuja Sathal Mata Temple

Every year the pilgrimage is arranged for Machail yatra which is a huge event attended by more than hundred thousand people from all over the country.

e. Pahalgam

It is a tourist town with the lustful greenery of Aru and Betaab Valley. If your wife or husband loves playing with water (I mean loves water riding) then significantly this place would be a very good choice. The Lidder River is all open for water rafting. Pahalgam has temperate climate with long and cold winter and short and mild summer.


4. Goa- The Magical Island


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The newly-weds cannot resist themselves from the outstanding scenic beauty and the calmness of the beeches. There is always something magical and romantic about the beaches that enhances the romantic ambiance. To tell the truth, couples love beaches more because the sea imitates the calmness of the life and most importantly beaches provide a romantic scene.

Here comes some of the Romantic Honeymoon Spot in Goa:

a. Butterfly Beach

As the name says, Butterfly; the beach is famous for its beautiful butterflies. For the couples seeking some private and cozy place, this beach would be fantastic for them as you would barely find crowds here. This is also one of the least populous beaches in Goa. Such an exotic place with the wonderful experience of observing dolphins. And if your mood swings on doing something adventurous, you can even go for kayaking, diving. Or else, you can go on romantic strolls, getting the view of the beautiful sunsets and spotting dolphins and goldfishes. You would definitely love that!

b. Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach is one of the most romantic places in Goa. You can relax, rejuvenate, walk around embracing the beautiful beach or do scuba diving, jet skiing or simply sit and beholding dolphins and make your honeymoon special. Moreover, the sand dunes on this beach amplify the natural enticing beauty of it.

c. Kakolem Beach

Since Goa is popular with gorgeous, pebbly and uncrowded beaches, one gets utmost peace here. Whether your spouse is Romantic or not, if you decide to plan your Honeymoon in such a vibrant and exquisite sites, you got to be the father/mother of Cupid. Kakolem beach is totally an isolated beach with incredible scenery. It’s one of the favorite beaches for love-birds. As most of the honeymooners enjoy being alone without any disturbances. The wild waves and spotless beach attracts couples for ultimate solace. Though this beach is not suitable for swimming or any water diving adventures but you can just rest in your beloved’s arm and enjoy the serenity of the wonderful nature with blissful memory. You can, of course, enjoy sunbathing and sea bathing.

d. Bamanbudo Waterfalls

Apart from beaches, one can also enjoy waterfalls like the Bamanbudo waterslides. It is a mesmerizing cascade with stunning scenery. The best time to visit would be from October to May. Why? Visit during these months, you will get the answer. What could be more enticing to see foamy water rolling down the slopes; let your first day of Honeymoon be such a romantic that your spouse won’t resist falling in love with you again.


5. Dalhousie- The Mini-Switzerland


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Dalhousie is a little town with thick forests, wildlife and spectacular ambiance and rejuvenating views of the mountains covered with snow attracting Honeymooners who loves spending more time in some cold area. Winters are extremely cold with temperature dropping as low as 2-10 degree Celcius. Despite such cold weather, one would enjoy the cold more than anything else. The town has 45 frost days per year and 2-3 snow days.

Here go the best places to visit for your honeymoon planning:

a. Khajjiar

An adventure playground is one of the main attractions for couples. The hill station is surrounded by meadows and forests. The site is on a small plateau with a small-fed lake in the middle that has been covered over with weeds. The distance from Dalhousie is 24 km. You can go by bus or taxi; would hardly take an hour or so. Notably, the couples would get entertainment by walking around the lake or going for long walks in the thick pine forests. You can even do horse riding!

Apart from these, Khajjiar does have some of the fascinating places to see:

  • Dauladhar Mountains
  • Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary
  •  Khajjiar Lake
  • Khajji Nag Temple

Khajjiar also offers numerous Trekking opportunities. The trek starts 6kms from Khajjiar on the Dalhousie-Khajjiar road and ends at Pholani-Devi temple.

b. Panchpula

Panchpula is a beautiful Romantic spot for the Honeymoon destination. Sitting by the waterfall and creating beautiful memories their would be an awesome experience for both of you. Boating and zip-lining are possible here. The Panchpula is a scenic place, shrouded by a green blanket of pine and deodar trees and refreshing water streams.

c. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

For couples who are ardent animal lovers and are planning their Honeymoon on places where they can explore their love with adorable views of animals. With this in mind, we have marked up places for such couples as well.  This wildlife sanctuary is home to animals like black bear, pheasant,’ghoral,’ leopard, and Himalayan Black Marten.

d. Dainkund Peak

A Romantic but vintage point on the highest peak for couples enjoying adventures. You can either choose to Trek or just roam around exploring the incredible view of the enchanting nature and mountains. Eventually, the most romantic thing to do here for the newlyweds is to contemplate the sunset.

With this, I end here. Congratulations to all those newlyweds for their happy life. Since I have mentioned only Top 5  Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India, if this article helped you in finding the best place for your Honeymoon, do let me know if I can help you with other romantic spots.  Henceforth, enjoy your Romantic time with your beautiful spouse.