When your mom told you that you are no way different from your own brother and that you can achieve all that a man can, when her words constantly echoes in your ear and your soul jerks you from inside saying ‘I can do it’, that’s when you see a flame of passion in your eyes. These are the women who undauntedly proved everyone wrong who doubted on the caliber of a woman.


Be it a fashion, e-commerce, fitness, travel, investing or hiring and retailing ; these intelligent and smart queens showed the world that they too have some passions, some ideas that could change the perspective of a human being, some persistent hard work outside household chores as usually taken by our society.


Being an entrepreneur is tough and it’s more difficult if you are a woman. Yeah, you agree with me. Right! I too feel the same way. Since nothing can be impossible if you truly believe in your passion. That’s why I came up with a list of these successful women entrepreneurs that exploded like a rocket and sparkled in the sky.

Certainly, these women entrepreneurs motivate us to destroy our doubts and build up despite our pressures and difficulties.


     1.“I have nothing to wear”

Meet Rashi Menda, CEO of Zapyle, an e-commerce platform for luxury fashion who has solved one major issue of every woman-”I have nothing to wear.” As we all know the basic issue of a woman is to feel unsatisfied even if she has tons of clothes to wear. I don’t know about you but my closet is stuffed with clothes and branded clothes but still, I would find myself as a beggar!


Here’s where Rashi Menda took the worldwide women issue into a glorious opportunity. Zapyle allows millions and trillions of perplexed women (and fashion freak at the same time) to discover, buy and even sell pre-owned fashion attire. The idea behind it was fantastic. Zapyle offers women a super-personalized experience of shopping and they believe that every woman do not just buy attire but they create memories out of it, so why not give them a platform to monetize their closet. You now not only have an app that would assist you in finding a new wardrobe but also you will never say that “I have nothing to wear.”


2. Indian Bra Lady

If today you enjoy jumping, playing, running, rolling, and dancing; remember girls! It’s because you have got a good fitting of your bra. Hey, Not kidding! A big thanks to Arpita Ganesh who came up with creating a lingerie that will help women to find their right size and to choose from their favorite styles, all at an affordable price.


“The confidence a great fitting bra of the right size gave me was unimaginable and that’s how Bras became my life.”


And that’s how she founded Buttercups in 2008 which became India’s first high-end lingerie brand. However, in 2011, she met with her misfortune when Buttercups Clothing failed miserably but that did not stop her from teaching herself where she should be focusing more. Her venture is an example of how a work done with passion, will land you at a place where people will always remember you for your dedication.


3. Parenting made easy

Who knew that Facebook can give someone an idea about eradicating the basic problem of newly confused parents. Am talking about Naiyya Saggi who noticed multiple Facebook groups that were bestrewed with questions of parenting and pediatrics. Contemplating such issue, she came up with BabyChakra- a platform that helps parents learn about local services relevant for maternity and childcare.

The most influential thing is, Naiyya saw her sister having a hard time as a new mother. As you all know when a woman becomes a mother, she has to go through an innumerable advice, sometimes taking help from Google, reading books, and experimenting with different doctors and daycares.

This is how she not only comforted her sister but gave millions of women (and their husband) a secure platform for their babies.


Uhu! Sometimes I feel like chasing my dream after seeing these millionaires changing the world


4. Never underestimate the power of a woman

Why I said that has a reason. Majority of us think that a woman can’t be a geek by nature and even if she has, creating something new out of technology is something not her cup of tea. BUT BUT BUT, Manisha Raisinghani had some freaky plans in her mind.


Taking inspiration from ORION (On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation) software used by trucks in the UPS for logistics, she came up with a replica of UPS technology in other countries.

Quitting her job and working really hard on her venture, she came up with LogiNext Solutions which engaged 60 companies who have started using its services including the likes of Flipkart and Paytm.


Just to give a hope to all of you; Manisha never wanted to pursue her career in some corporate job. She always wanted to do something new and SHE DID IT! We all should trust our intuition despite our genders and work hard on it instead of discriminating.


“The root cause is the lack of mentorship and motivation right from a girl’s early years. Also, social expectations from women are much higher than those for men..”


5. Why not check Nykaa!

Yesterday, as I was searching for my cosmetics, trust issues always pops up into my head. Being a girl you know the struggle of choosing the right product for the skin. I ransacked every e-commerce site but couldn’t able to assimilate all my beauty products and then my sister came up with this- ‘Why not check Nykaa?’


I was successfully able to assimilate all that I want but most importantly, I had assimilated how Falguni Nayyar came up with this fantastic cosmetic e-commerce store. Her story is inspiring and so does her idea behind creating an online store for beautiful ladies. The Mumbai-based venture has an expansive catalog for customers to select from a wide range of products to suit each and every concern.


The best thing about such online stores is, you will find customers who have used the products and can very well relate to your story of finding out what should be better on anyone’s skin. The name Nykaa came from a Hindi term which means ‘an actress,’ a person of beauty.

“I saw the need for a multi-brand retail format that gives unbiased advice to consumers, being able to guide them on the right products for their beauty and health concerns.”


6. Fly high

You miss your girlfriend and finds it hard to stay away from her. You think of going to her place no ma

woman, woman clapping, business woman

tter where she lives. In the 21st Century, it is possible to meet your girlfriend anywhere and come back to your mom at the time to have dinner with her. You’ll keep both happy and that’s why Kanika Tekriwal calls her company as the ‘Uber of the skies.’


Kanika Tekriwal founded JetSetGo after realizing the frustration of customers dealing with the charter brokers. Targeting on people who use private jets and complains about the shoddy experience, Kanika provided wings to business owners who had to cover a maximum of four-five cities in a day, inbound and outbound tourists, tourists on pilgrimage, or anything related to an emergency evacuation.


When she first talked openly about her plans, her colleagues laughed really hard making fun of her. Carrying the entrepreneur blood inside her, she certainly has shut their mouth by increasing the net worth of JetSetGo starting from $10 million and above.


“As a country, we have to include more women in top-level positions and recognize the impact they can have on our economy.”


So, girls! Are you ready to take off your flight amidst the harsh reactions of your critics? So far, these adamant women entrepreneurs taught us one special thing- getting rich is easy but working hard on your passion requires patience and consistent smart work.