What you are about to read will shock you more than anything, as it did with me when I realized about the heinous truth of Pharmaceutical Industries. My research came from watching a video and then testing back on myself. My sole motive to write this article is to aware you and help you from getting out of this hoax.

Why we take meds?

As per our trained mind, we know that medicines help to cure our illness. Right? But what if I say that we have always been kept blindfolded about prescriptions. You fall ill and rush to a well-degreed doctor for a checkup. He’ll prescribe you a medicine and you get well maybe after two or three days.  You will be more than escalated to see your health recovering!

Now imagine a situation where the same doctor comes to you and mention after your recovery that he gave you sugar pills. All the prescribed medicines were actually sugar pills and none work for your ailments. What would be your thoughts? Would you ask yourself about your illness that whether you actually fell ill or would you rather try to find out what could be the reason that cured your illness with a sugar pill?

We think that we take pills because we need to cure our illness but in reality, none of the medicines in the world can cure illness. Medicines work to eradicate the symptoms and not the disease. The thing is medicines don’t work on symptoms either. It makes our body react to it as if the medicines would be your lifetime support. Hey Dude! Am not kidding about it. You’ll get to see more!

A question pops up into your mind- then why I feel so great after taking medicines! I will discuss this after some proven facts that came up to illustrate what pharmaceutical industries deal with.

The big truth about pharmaceutical industries

Truth is bitter and something that you came to know about your health, is far worse. In order to reveal how these pharmaceutical industries run, you need to dig deep into how it all started. Everyone can not be a doctor, right? Of course, only a few with smart intelligent brains get the chance to study in medical schools and colleges. We all know only this much that smart brains get the chance in studying medical colleges. After they get into the studies, what really happens inside those chambers? No one knows unless you have studied medicines.

Getting into a medical college is a pretty selective process. So, the best students get into these colleges and then comes the weird part. Studying medicines is not really the way we think is done. A medical college will never teach these students about natural treatments and cures. These students are taught only about drugs..drugs..and more drugs (drug reactions and chemistry). That’s all they study for.

Medicines are made with chemical reactions. So, it’s quite obvious that when your doctor prescribes you meds, he is actually not treating your illness. Rather he is giving you a composition of medical reaction that leads your body to act weird on those chemical reactions. Ahh! You got a question right?

Okay, let me explain it in detail…

How meds work inside your body

Before digging up deep inside the hoax pharmaceutical companies, let’s untangle the fact about medicines working inside our body. Do you know how medicines work? Of course not! Unless you are from medical school. Today you will learn about how it works in our body and this class is for everyone (even if you are not from science background).

To make it simple, have you ever asked yourself what exactly health is?

Do you define ‘being healthy‘ as an absence of disease? Or if you don’t have any symptoms that what defines being healthy? Well, the answer involves a much deeper fact. You need to understand first how human physiology (the branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts) work.

In general, every aspect of human physiology is based on the balance between polar opposites. Asher Milgrom, PhD-CEO and chief scientist of AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare explain how a dynamic homeostasis work. Homeostasis is basically a state of internal condition maintained by living things to stabilize the body temperature in spite of environmental changes.

The human body is full of examples of homeostasis. As fabulously explained by Asher,

When we look at a specific part of a physiology like the immune system, the yin and the yang (the opposites) would be the anti inflammation and the inflammation- the negative and the positive

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Special Credit: hehempoilbenefits.com

As you can see the diagram clearly depicts the yin (anti-inflammatory) and the yang (inflammatory) showing the polar opposites. It’s for the immune system. When these two things are in balance, its mean your immune system is functioning properly.

Now if we talk about our nervous system, then we’ll see the forces of excitation and the forces of inhibition (or relaxation).

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Special Credit: thehempoilbenefits.com

As you can see the homeostasis of our nervous system. This inhibition and excitation on either sides should be in balance. Similarly, our endocrine system (or our hormone system) has two polar opposite as catabolic break-down and anabolic build-up. In endocrine system, we have the forces of breaking down tissues or the catabolic hormones and we have the anabolic hormones which build up the tissues. When these two forces are in balance, we have homeostasis of our endocrine or hormone system.

Likewise, every system of our body should be in harmonium. Which means all of our physiological systems have to be in a constant state of homeostasis- a dynamic balance.

Remember the stronger your physiology ability to stay in homeostasis is, the healthier you are!

Now, we must ponder with the question of what exactly a dynamic balance is about? Although, if I explain you scientifically would be quite difficult to grasp. That’s why I came up with a model.

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Photo: https://goo.gl/yAjMq9

This above picture shows a dynamic balance/homeostasis, where you can see all these horizontal elements with little strings hanging down from them and you can see the stars hanging at the bottom. In this particular model, the stars represent signaling molecules. If you talk about your neurology, then these stars hanging in the model would be your neuro-transmitters. Similarly, if this would be the model of your endocrine system, then the stars hanging at the bottom would be your hormones and if this was your immune system, the hanging stars would be cytokines. These stars are the signaling molecules that make your system (any system say nervous, immune, endocrine etc) work properly and in a balanced way.

Now, the thing is- in this dynamic model if you change anything, it would affect everything.

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Photo: https://goo.gl/yAjMq9

Let’s say in this particular model, I place a really big swollen red star. What would happen then? Of course, it would affect the entire balanced module. Because of this big red star weighed down, the other stars would lose their grip. Don’t worry they won’t fall but would likely to shift.

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Photo: https://bit.ly/2yUu5ZZ

That red star is going to pull down and this way all the other stars would shift. The interesting part of it is, you can’t change any one element without affecting others. Which means if you try to change one, some will again lose or shift from their places. After this, initially, the model gonna go through the oscillation (up and down), where things are bouncing up and down and shifting until the oscillation slowly quite and the model finds a new point of balance/homeostasis.

So, everything is shifted in the model and all the stars are in different locations now and many of the sticks are no longer horizontal. They have twisted at one angle or another. BUT our physiologies are so smart that they would automatically find a new point where it could balance itself. That shifting or the oscillation process we discussed above is what we define that “I am sick” or “I have symptoms.” Here, our body/ physiology will compensate and then a new balance would be found where the model would look like it was before and you can continue to function.

Now that you have understood how our systems work. Let me quickly go to the topic of how today’s modern medicines with pharmaceutical drugs interact with our systems.  

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As you can see the above picture has got two swollen stars. So, you feeling sick now and decides to go to the doctor. And the doctor does some kind of tests and decides to give you some drugs. Now believing in medicines, you started taking drugs as prescribed by the doctor.

To deal with one element over here (that red big swollen star at the left), the drug is designed to clamp down those symptoms.

Remember, these red stars are your symptoms.

Notice the drug is designed to deal with exactly one particular big star, not the whole stars in general but that one big star and the symptoms that it’s creating. 

symptoms from pharmaceutical drugs

However, we know that pharmaceutical drugs contain many side-effects and so because of the drug you are taking now, another star go haywire (as you can see on the right side). Now you started to have more symptoms because of this another swollen star and you would likely to take another drug in order to counteract the symptoms from the first drug.

After taking the drug, you will clamp down that swollen star as well. BUT you would notice that you again appear to have symptoms because the fourth one goes haywire.

disbalance of the homeostasis

As shown in the above picture. Our physiology is getting under a lot of stress. You now have all sort of artificial weight attached to your physiology. The weight of all these different drugs are pulling down heavily on this module and because of such weight, some of the bars have bent.

What’s going in your physiology right now its something as simple as a cold or a little virus, or some kind of drug interaction, that you didn’t anticipate.

Your physiology by the time would be in so much oscillation with heavy weight that one of the bars might break and this is the condition when you would find yourself in ICU under life support.

Point to remember: Pharmaceutical drugs work at the level of the symptoms, nor the entire systems which causes enormous tension and stress on the physiology.

In a nutshell, medicines are the drugs that work only on symptoms.

Now, thats the painful reality. According to https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/big-pharma-medical-schools-video/, many doctors working openly state that

when I went to medical school we never learned anything about vitamins except we had maybe two hours of instruction on the structures of vitamins and minerals and so forth.

Two hours compared to hundreds and hundreds of hours about pharmacies and chemical reactions and so forth.

As stated by G. Edward Griffin, many doctors don’t hesitate to admit that their wife knows more about nutrition than they do. That sound weird!!

**This is my story**

I am a great sufferer of migraine. I have this for years. Can’t bear with the headache. Am on my medications for years but can’t find an actual solution to eradicate it. As I feel good when I take meds. The goodness lasts for few years and then again it comes back. I asked my doctor about the re-arrival of migraine and why I can’t heal them completely. They say its natural. It will come and go. I was like, wait what! Is it an autumn that tends to come and go!! 

Getting healed up is all in our mind. I started some meditations not medication to bring my healthy physiology back. And the result was outstandingly awesome. 

Yoga helps a lot in keeping your physiology working properly. Balanced diet plays a pivotal role and keeping a positive energy brings your immune to a healthy life!