When I go for a simple winter makeup look, by default I am taken to videos of some of the renown makeup gurus of YouTube. Now, am not disparaging them on their hard work but to follow their tricks on a regular basis is something I find it difficult to follow.

I always prefer a simple look. That excessive discoloring foundation and tons of powder on the face don’t look good at all! Regular makeup should be simple but elegant and to achieve that look, I swear, it takes time and a little bit of patience.

What I mean by that is to test how your face is dealing with all the makeup products out there.

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Everyone’s skin is different. When you see a makeup guru applying Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation, you will definitely like her makeup on screen but that doesn’t mean that the same foundation would look flawless on your face too.

What if I say that you too can look outstandingly flawless without any harsh makeup on your face.

So, you ready for this?

Know to take care

Before applying any makeup on, you should know to keep your face and skin happy all the time. Just like summer, our body needs full attention in winter too. World’s best foundation will make you look sick if your own skin is sick. Henceforth, before going on to actual simple winter makeup, let’s look at skincare routine in winter.

Trust me! Once you take care of your skin, any makeup would look fantastic on you. Treat your skin nicely before making it glamorous.

Follow these in winter for a permanent glow

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  1. Just like summer, wash your face twice a day. When you are at home, wash once in the morning and then at night before going to bed. If you feel damn cold, you can also use lukewarm water.
  2. Prefer cleansing your face before going to bed. Since, I support cruelty-free products, using almond milk on the face would be more beneficial than using normal milk. Almond milk is rich in the flavonoids: catechin, kaempferol, and epicatechin, which ultimately means that they are powerful antioxidants. They protect skin cells from oxidizing and dying off. This prevents premature wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.  If you want your face to look soft, keep a 4 spray bottle filled with unsweetened unflavored almond oil. Spray the milk on your face with your eyes closed then wipe off the excess with a paper towel. Allow it to soak into your skin cells then rinse off whenever you’re going to wash your face. You can do this overnight!
  3. Apply moisturizer daily. This will keep your skin smooth and perfect. Makeup on a glowing face would look fantastic anyhow. Instead of thick cold cream, use almond or extra virgin olive oil to moisturize your face without blocking pores.
  4. Apply face mask at least once a week. Homemade masks work better on the skin. Use readily available ingredients like avocado, olive and jojoba oils, almond oil, bananas, and aloe.
  5. Sun protection is necessary even in winters as the UV rays are up all year round. Apply your suitable sunscreen while stepping out of the house.
  6. Lastly, and most importantly drink a LOT of water. Keep yourself hydrated.

With this winter care routine, you are now set to look flawless and gorgeous with makeup…

makeup, winter makeup, simple winter makeup, flawless makeup, woman applying makeup

The reason I quickly mentioned about winter care routine is because you will about to see the result. Now, when you apply makeup on your face, you will see a breathable beautiful skin underneath the makeup.

Simple winter makeup

Focus on minimalist makeup. Overdoing with foundation and concealers and powders would make your skin patchy and dry. That’s what no one wants right!

After coming from the shower (those who like touching up after taking a quick bath) use a toner of your choice. Toner cleanses your face deeply making your skin look fresh. You can also use rose water. Just take a natural cotton pad and use a wiping motion on your face.

My trick: I keep rose water in a spray bottle like this and use it as a toner.makeup spray, empty bottle

That’s up for the initial care!

  • After applying toner, make sure that your skin is completely dry, now apply moisturizer. Start applying with your regular moisturizer. If you think that your regular moisturizer is not actually keeping some of the areas soft like that around your nose, cheeks or lips then don’t afraid to apply a thick balmy moisturizer like that of Nivea. I come up with this name as I use it on my regular basis when I need. Though thick moisturizer would be really difficult to blend your makeup afterwards. BUT I have another solution as well.

Make sure that you at least take 15 mins break from the time when you applied your moisturizer. Give your moisturizer some time to fuse into your skin and then go for the second step. This way, your thick moisturizer would also dissolve into your skin.

Sometimes you even feel too much oily after applying moisturizer. Don’t worry! Take a soft towel or a tissue and wipe off the areas that you feel too oily.

  • If you want a subtle glowing effect and also don’t want to make your face drought like a Sahara desert then using a luminous primer would be the best option to go with. A luminous primer is really smooth in consistency and it sets perfectly on your skin.

To me, the best primer for winter would be 100% Pure Luminous Primer Vitamins+Antioxidants. Its purely vegan and has a thin creamy texture to give your skin a shiny glowing effect. Suitable for combination-dry skin.

vegan primer, simple winter makeup
Check out if you can grab the product in your region!

Though in some countries, you won’t get the product, like in India. Henceforth, I have a full list of primers suitable for all skin types.

Head over to this site to find out your best match!

Don’t prefer any mattifying primer in winter as these will tend to make your skin look really dry and it would be difficult to work with the foundation. If you have super dry skin even after applying moisturizer, then prefer adding some argon oil with primer. It would fill in the dry patches within the skin.

Tips: Observe carefully how your skin is doing after this process. If you are having super oily skin by this time then prefer wiping it off with a soft cotton pad or tissue. And if your skin is still suffering with dryness, prefer mixing up, as I said, argon oil into your primer.

  • After primer, we’ll pick foundation. Any liquid and cream foundation would do the work perfectly.

Don’t dab your foundation like a beauty guru You Tubers. They will always look stunning because of those flashy lights but in reality, their skin doesn’t look good.

If you want to look naturally beautiful, always use dots of proportions to your face.

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Just dots all over your face and neck

Choose a foundation that’s at least one shade lighter than you usually wear. Use a hydrating formula that contains moisturizing ingredients like glycerin.

Tips: Go for a light coverage foundation. If the foundation has never stayed with you then use a BB Cream. BB Cream gives a light coverage and also protects your skin from sun’s radiation.

Here’s the link of all types of foundations (for all types of skin tones) that you can grab-






Choose a foundation that gives your skin a soft-focus effect while locking in moisture and calming redness.

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A lot of women must be pondering with a question of what’s the accurate way of applying foundation. To be honest, ask your skin how well it spreads with what type of application…

A beauty blender!

A fluffy brush!

Or just a hand!

  • You are almost done. Now you need to set your face with a little bit of bronzer and blush.

Bronze only if you want a sharp edgy face or else skip this step. Just straight ahead to blush.

Again remember, use a little bit of everything.  A little bit of blush on your cheeks would do the rest of the task.

My money saving blush kit: I prefer to use 24 hours stay red glossy lipstick on my cheeks to give a rosy look. First taking up a little bit on my finger then rub it on my cheeks slowly.

  • Getting back to your lips.
lips, makeup, lipstick

To make your lips soft every time, make a habit of using balm 24×7.

At night before going to bed, apply a thick coat of Vaseline petroleum jelly. It will act as an exfoliating agent.

Choose a light colored lipstick in winter. Try a tinted lip balm with sunscreen. Use glossy lipstick.

Prefer these colors in winter for a simple look…

  • Now its time for your eyes. Go for a simple look like a small winged eyeliner.

Use a waterproof mascara. If you want your eyes to look colorful, go with pinkish eye- shadow and light neon color. Fill in your eye brows with an eyebrow mascara, suitably for your color and use a very light stroke to give it a natural look.

  • Use a liquid highlighter to set a glowy texture.


  • Lastly, set your makeup with a setting spray.
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Am so excited to see your look in winter. Share with me your winter makeup!