If you are among those serious people who try to seek life hacks or beauty hacks because you want to save some money, let me tell you…You would be wasting your 1 hour of precious life. It’s always a better option to spend money on things that you need, instead of depending on Troom Troom! You know the kind of hacks they present to you. They basically make money creating shitty videos and has nothing to do with protecting your life with some “quick-easy” hacks. Troom Troom hacks are disgustingly alien!

Though some of the hacks really work, but the lists that I have presented to you below is something you really don’t wanna try! These are not just any life hacks or beauty hacks, these are those hacks that are REALLY popular and its been repeated over and over again on the internet. You’ll see them on every social platform. I just don’t get how can these help people when it has zero benefits to you!

Let’s check out our first hack:

DIY Clothing Hacks

Steal your men’s underwear

I hope you all must have seen those “DIY clothing hacks” that looks amazing when the person on camera cuts a nice looking shirt/t-shirt and then walla! You now have turned into a professional designer.

Have you seen those videos where frustrated girls (I call them frustrated because that’s the stage when they run out of any hacks and they try to expand their video length) get their hold on men’s underwear and cut it exactly from the middle, making a hole for your neck and using that underwear as a sports bra.

Now, I have two questions.

  1. Are these hacks tell you about how you can reuse a “used” underwear?
  2. Why would you even use a men’s underwear for supporting your…you know what I mean! I mean everyone’s shape is different. Your sports bra does have cups to support your breasts. Wearing a men’s underwear as a sports’ bra does nothing!!!

But still, people would relish on cutting a men’s underwear.

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And this is how you create a brand new sports bra!

Girls with small tities can try this hack but with huge ones, I doubt this gonna work or not. Though from this picture no one can tell as if you are wearing a men’s underwear but in reality hacks like this won’t look quintessential. Like, while cutting the underwear making the strap for your neck wouldn’t be so perfect as that of a real strap.

So basically these hackers are trying to show you that stop spending money on bras. Rather have a good relationship with your husband because sometimes you need to steal his underwears!


sports bra, sports bra hacks, weird hacks, useless hacks
Yeah! You can see how it has bought the asset close together giving no shape of a perfect boobs!

Don’t buy belts, buy purses

Last night I saw this video where a girl is delivering a message to people regarding how they can make their dress look abnormally wonderful by just adding a belt. Now, here’s the catch! Instead of simply buying a belt which won’t cost you much, she was determined to trick our mind with illogical hacks.

Firstly, she took a purse that has a detachable strap and detached it by its hook. And then she uses that strap as a belt.

I mean what’s the use of it? Either the girl is unaware that we are living in the 21st century and we do have things that she is trying to create out of hacks. Or she must be amongst those whose parents force them to do something and finally they came up with such wonderful ideas. I literally saw this hack on Instagram and people are still continuing with this funny hack. When you go out with a bag strap wrapped up all over your waist, what you think! People not gonna notice it! They do but because they respect such insane people, so they’ll never bother you.

Have you noticed how it looks from behind? It’s clearly visible how someone desperately wanted to be poor.


Impractical beauty hacks

Beauty hacks are tremendously increasing. Such over-populated beauty gurus on youtube+instagram have been befooling us for years with their intolerable hacks.

If you follow most of the beauty gurus, you must have noticed how they torture fork to contour their nose! According to “so-called” imitating beauty gurus, you need not to have spend money on one brush for contouring when you have a fork in your kitchen. Go, grab a fork and shove it on your nose.

That shit doesn’t work!

Firstly, why it doesn’t work:

a) The linings of the fork would give you a really defined nose as if you just had nose job. That doesn’t look good either way.


Another fork hack

If you are an avid beauty lover, you know those hacks where you can curl your hair using a fork in the hope of saving money for a curler.

If you ever thought of thinking this at once, you would be highly manipulated. This girl using a fork, challenges Philips pro hair curler on face! 

Rolling up your hair with either a plastic or a stainless steel fork would entangle your hair in a deplorable way that you would never forgive yourself again. The result of these hacks are very easy to predict. You can feel that you screw it up the moment you think of giving it a try.

The curls would not be perfect. Sticking fork in your hair would not spontaneously give you a poutty face. 

The beauty bloggers would entrap you in their jingly free audio music but all these side proms wouldn’t help you anyway. The biggest challenge would be when you take those forks off your hair. 

God bless you if you think of trying at least for test!

I don’t know what am I doing

Yes, there are people who just made random videos in the name of “hacks.”

So I met a lady teacher who was behaving exactly like this… minion, hacks

She is assigned with the task of grabbing what her two students cum friend look alike creates from their school items into an innumerable wasteful hacks. 

The Troom Troom!

Didn’t you know I was talking about them? Troom Troom students are seriously crossing the limit of our patience.

I have never understood the main motive of Troom Troom to come up with such weird hacks.  

Anyways let’s move onto something more worthless creatures, I mean hacks!

Watch this video first…

5 Minute Crafts- the most manipulative channel ever!

So, basically they are trying to say that you can lift up your saggy neck, stomach with just a tape. 

This is the reason I have trust issues!

This much list I have. If you want to see more then give us a feed back in the comment section so that we will help you to find out which hack should be REALLY useful.