IT’S 2019! And all we can see is a better person in us. With every New Year, we all change our plans and resolutions and so does styles and fashion. Men’s hairstyle for the year 2018 has bought up the easy, comfy and elegant look. Mens gave their preferences over short haircuts. John Travolta, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Ryan Rodney Reynolds, Tom Cruise, Chris Pratt, Will Smith have shown their love for short haircuts. These well-known faces believe that short hairstyles suits on them a lot than the long hairstyle.

Now every”mens” question is what style to pick up for 2019! As we are approaching valentines’ romantic time phrase, International Women’s Day (when you want to create something special for your significant one); we need acknowledgment about hair trends in 2019.

Common guys! Let’s grab your drink and quickly dive into the ‘will-be’ all-time popular haircuts for this new year.

Disconnected undercut

For all those men having a diamond shaped face or a pretty much tall face, can go with a disconnected undercut.haircut, hairstyles, undercuts, types of undercuts

As we can already see the impression of an undercuts at the end of the previous year, undercuts will also be popular for this year. Not every undercut is the same.

Types of undercuts

  • Long Hair Undercut

Get your top portion of hair a little bit of long waves while keeping the back and sides either closely cut or slightly faded. You can also prefer completely bald side and back look. Those having a longer face can go with a slick back or short haircut. Whereas, an undercut pompadour or quiff with slightly cropped sides compliments a rounder face better.

As you can see Nick Jonas has a little bit of a rounder shape and that’s why quiff would be his all-time fantastic look!


The undercut works with almost every kind of hair type (curly, straight, coarse, thick). So, you really don’t have to worry about your own type of hair. Any type would suit you beautifully.

Of all the types of haircuts, undercut quiff has become the most iconic and popular among men. Quiff doesn’t let your side and back portion to be buzzed out completely or fadely. It’s just a slightly lighty cropped hair type. Henceforth, this haircut gives you a sharp and a bit of beachy look.




  •  Long Hair + Skin Fade + Beard

Again for those having a longer face can go with Long hair+ Skin Fade + Beard. Give yourself a faded cut with your long hair styled back and to the side in sections. high skin fade haircut

Full beard will give you an astounding sharp edgy look!

Under the fade look, you can either have top hair combed upwards throwing it to your back or you can even have it down letting it fall onto your forehead. If you have enough volume in your hair, you would look good in giving your hair a textured style combing from back to front into a messy crop look.

However, combing your hair from front to back would look good on oval or slightly round face; whereas, guys having rectangular or oblong face can go with brushing your hair from back to front.

textured undercut hairstyle, haircuts, mens hairstyle, men haircut

A textured undercut with a messy cropped top and slightly faded sides


  • Undercut Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

classy guys, haircut for thick medium length

For oval faces with no sharp edges can opt for this haircut. The best part about this haircut is, it looks simple but stylish and that’s why any face would suit with it. You literally don’t have to worry about your face shapes and sizes. You can straightaway go to a parlor and order your hair stylist to give you this cut!


Let’s check your style- 






  • Curly Undercut Hairstyle

I have seen a lot of people complaining about their “maggie” hair! That they can’t opt for any hairstyle neither they can look good with any other thing. What if I say it’s 2019 and everything is possible in this generation. No, you won’t look like a joker but a handsome hunk.

Look at this picture…curly hair, curly undercut hairstyle

Isn’t he looking amazing! Shaved off your sides and back and set your curls all the way up your face with a little bit on your forehead. Keeping curls on your forehead is your choice. You can just slightly roll up your curls on your forehead. That’s completely up to you.






One thing I would like to add here is, probably only curly undercut won’t suit you. Prefer keeping just a little beard with a curly undercut. This would give you a complete outstanding look.

A high skin fade creates a sharp contrast with the thick curly hair. Use a medium hold pomade to give your curls extra bounce and life.

Other than these you have…

Short Undercut

short undercut, men's hairstyle, men's haircut







High Fade Undercut with Thick Waves

high fade big volume haircut, undercut, men's undercut









Long Fringe Side Swept Undercut

undercut hair, men's trendy haircut









Hard Part Pompadour Undercut

pompadour, undercut, hard part undercut









Spiky Messy Undercut Hairstyle + Low Fade

short spiky hair









Long Undercut + Beard

side part undercut, side part undercut with beard









High Skin Fade Undercut

undercut with long top









These are some of my favorite undercut types that would suit on any men with a particular face shape.

Apart from undercuts, 2019 has come up with Faux Hawk which contains longer hair down the middle of the head and tapered sides. The cut is perfect for guys who want a short hairstyle that looks edgy and interesting.

For those having diamond face shape (strong jaw and angular cheek bones) can go with a faux hawk. The best-case scenario here is to pair a beard with a fringed haircut.

Faux Hawk looks exactly like undercut but it will give you a more mainstream appeal.  By leaving a few inches of length on the top, the faux hawk fade gives you some hair to style but is still short enough to be practical and easy.

haircut, men's haircut, men's hairstyle

A lot of guys don’t prefer undercuts at all as they have to head over to the office the very next day.

Henceforth, I have picked up some of the coolest but not so highly sexy looks for 2019.

haircut for 2019

Ivy League Haircuts 

have been popular among men and is chosen the most for a simple but elegant look. For decades now, this haircut has been identified as a handsome hairstyle for men of all ages. If you want a clean-cut hairstyle that will work both at the office and out with your friends, this just may be a great idea for you.

Plus its still in the trend 😉



For Long Hair Male

long hair men, long hair men ponytailmen ponytail, men's hairstyle for 2019

Men with a little long hair can either tie up altogether making a little bun or just go for a small ponytail. As a lot of men don’t prefer to keep REALLY long hair while working in the office, they only prefer the hair length to be above their shoulder.

For such kinda hair length, a small bun or a ponytail won’t stop you from being productive.

A small ponytail and heavy beard go really well with your casual attire. It also makes people believe that you are serious about your work and that you don’t like gossiping and hanging around so often.

This look makes you look fairly mature to handle every task with ease. A working environment should be comfy and pleasant and that’s what this haircut will give you.



Short African American Hairstyles

short hairstyle for men

Just how stunning John Legend is looking in this short African hairstyle, it’s really a good choice for all the men getting tons of emails in the office or at their busy workplaces. Maintaining them is really easy. You won’t get disturbed by bangs or anything!!

Now focus on your work and at the same time make a quick and sudden plan with your girlfriend…

You would always look *STUNNING*






Slicked Back Hairstyles

hairstyle for men, men's casual haircut

Trust me a lot of girls do fall for these men having only slicked back hairstyle. Do nothing and get an outstanding look -this is the example of working less hard but achieving huge. There’s no such phrase but this haircut compels me to make one!

Such a casual and the most comfortable look for your business/working days.

For a genuine gentleman look, slicked back business casual hairstyles are a must. Sharp facial jawline would be perfect for this type of haircut.






AND in case if you are wondering which hairstyle would suit on your face shape, I have an amazing video where you can easily have an idea about your face shape and suitable haircut.

Check this out

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