10 myths you always believed that are not true!

Talking about myths, you will find tons of it. Some believed to be true and some don’t and some actually proved wrong. What I will be showing here will certainly blow up your mind which you have never encountered before. So, are you ready to be amazed? Let’s jump into it. (Watch our video)


NO 10: Chameleons change their colors to blend into their environment!

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Though we see chameleons changing their color to match their environment, they do it in order to communicate. Very contrary to birds and frogs, they don’t sing or call or engage in any verbal communications but they are effective communicators.  When chameleons are calm and quiet, they display a base color that is green, the brighter colors a male display, the more dominant he is supposed to be. Hey! Be careful if you see any bright colored chameleon.  By using this color variation, the male chameleons can attract a mate (finding the perfect date by changing color!) or defend their territory by flashing bright colors to each other. When the chameleons want to submit or surrender, they display drab and very dull brown or gray color. Females also use a colorful version in order to communicate when they want to reject mates or when they are pregnant.


NO 9: Some people don’t have dreams when they sleep!

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Everyone has dreams, it’s just some people don’t remember theirs. Yes, it’s true! The researchers specifically studied this in people having REM sleep disorder, basically, these are the people who act out their dreams. These people gave sleep scientists a good idea of who was dreaming and who was not. Before conducting this test, the scientists gave a questionnaire to all the volunteers asking them whether they dreamed. Only a small percentage of volunteers said they either never dreamed or hadn’t in more than a decade. But the results showed otherwise. In fact, the reality is, an average person has about nine dreams every single night.


NO 8: An apple falling on his head is what gave Isaac Newton the key to identify gravity!

The 17th century “bravo moment” reveals that the sudden banging of a piece of fruit on

issac newton, newton, apple falling on head, gravity, force of gravity, universal gravity, calculus, inventions, discoveries, law of gravitation Newton’s head was what shrieked him to come up with his law of gravity. Though Newton was partially responsible for the creation of this myth, he never really claimed that the apple fell on his head nor did he make any discoveries that would lead him to develop the theory of universal gravitation until nearly 20 years later. And and the funny part is, this myth continues until decades, told to school children and repeated in educational books. In one of his interview, he did say that watching an apple fall out of a tree was what made him wonder about this universal gravity. But definitely, the apple never hit him in his head. Hence, you need to stop following blindly anything, like ANYTHING.


NO 7: If you let your anger out, you’ll feel better!anger, angry, bad, bad mood, bad temperament, angry lady, isolated, punch, fight, angry face

You know when am mad at something, I usually hit my pillow so hard just to release my anger and frustrations. Because it’s better to hit on a pillow instead of in someone’s face. And am pretty sure you also have some objects to hit on when you are angry but it doesn’t work actually except to ruin your pillow covers. Researchers say that letting your anger out doesn’t work at all. Our brain is conditioned to adapt repeated changes. In fact, it makes you angrier because the rush of anger that we let out becomes addicting, meaning that we are more likely to lash out as a means of controlling our anger. In other words, we actually create bad habits by letting our anger out. What we are doing here is, we are training our brains. If we do something that makes us feel good, we want to do it again and again. Therefore, the rush of anger is addictive.





NO 6: Cats stroke you because they like you!
Trust me! Through this point, I definitely don’t want to upset the pet lovers but if you believed that your cat stroke to show his or her love towards you, then probably you are mistaken. Cats never see themselves as pets. Rather, they see themselves as the master, AND YOU AS THE PET. It’s very simple. Humans feed them, stroke them, buy things for them, so the cat stroke reminds you that you are its property. If you say your cat present their prey to you as a gift then you need to look closely what they mean. They simply try to show you how to catch prey and not to show how much they like you. No wonder cats have always been the cutest animal to be domesticated but if your cats don’t listen to you at all, don’t worry, it’s their “catty” nature.


NO 5:  Einstein was bad at math!
Einstein was actually brilliant from an early age. When Einstein saw the rumor in a newspaper about him that said Einstein had been bad at math as a student, Einstein laughed and replied,”I never failed in mathematics.  Before I was fifteen I had mastered differential and integral calculus.” Then from where the rumor has spread? The actual story was that Einstein was more interested in physics courses than his math courses. A physicist only needed elementary mathematics and so he didn’t bother to attend math classes. What actually happened was that he failed his entrance exam to the Swiss Polytechnic in Zurich, despite excelling in the math and physics sections, because he was 16 years old which means two years younger than most people who applied for university.


NO 4: Some people can’t be hypnotized!
Another myth closely related to hypnotism which most of you believed that you can’t  lie when you are hypnotized. But this isn’t true. You can lie as easily as when you are awake. Hypnosis just gives you a deeper access to your unconscious, so you might be able to tell even more creative lies when you’re hypnotized as opposed to when you’re awake. Entering into a hypnotic state is all about concentration. However, if you find it hard to enter a hypnotic state doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. People naturally vary due to their sensitiveness towards hypnosis. Studies have shown that around 30% of people are relatively resistant to being hypnotized. Although with little bit effort, the state of hypnosis can also be achieved. Many people think they’ve never been hypnotized or that they cannot be hypnotized but in reality, most of us have experienced a state of mild hypnosis. In fact, Everyone has the ability to be hypnotized because it’s a natural, normal state that each of us enters at least twice every single day. Once when we wake up and once when we fall asleep.


NO 3: Michael Jackson had surgery to make him white!
We all mistook his transformation from black to white as having plastic surgery of his entire body but this isn’t true. Michael Jackson had a pigmentation disorder called vitiligo. The cause of vitiligo is unknown but this disease happens when your immune system mistakingly attacks some part of your own body. In vitiligo, the immune system may destroy the cells that make pigment(color). Being unpredictable, vitiligo has affected 0.5% – 2% of the world’s population. Due to the disorder, his skin color became patchy and he had his skin bleached in order to even it out. An autopsy done at Jackson’s death even confirmed that he had vitiligo.


NO 2: Hollywood is the world’s biggest distributor of movies!
Yeah, this is what we all know about it that Hollywood is the world’s biggest distributor of movies but NO! It isn’t!…Bollywood is not just a name for the Indian film-making industry. It’s the name for the country’s Hindi film industry. Bollywood movies are made in different languages which carry their own name like Tollywood, Kollywood. When it comes to global presence, box-office sales and far-reaching influence, Bollywood surpass all other film industries. It’s the far larger movie distributor, followed by Nigeria. Hollywood is in third place. In 1899, Bollywood movies started with the production of a short film and Hollywood’s birth happened 11 years later in 1910 with a Biography melodrama. Hollywood produces about 500 films per year on an average and has a worldwide audience of 2.6 billion, whereas, Bollywood produces more than 1000 films every year with a worldwide audience of 3 billion.


Here it goes: NO. 1: Wolverines aren’t real!

First of all, you need to know who the Wolverines are if you are not aware of. The Wolverine is a powerful animal that somewhat looks like a small bear but is actually the largest member of the weasel family. Oh! Wait?? What you thought?? Umm, probably the American comic series named X-Men, the mutant hero, published by Marvel Comics. Right?? Yes, the character somewhat resembles this animal. But Wolverines are actually real. They are a small Canadian weasel that prefers to keep to itself. When cornered by a predator, it becomes vicious and attacks the predator’s neck almost instantly. These tough animals are solitary, and they need a lot of room to roam.