My “Better”- Half

In order to be a better half, you need to be a better person.

Are you seriously disturbed with your relationship? Do you want to make changes to your lifestyle? Do you want to live like those fairy tale couples (living HAPPILY EVER AFTER)?

You are absolutely in the right post!

Now, you must be thinking that who the hell I am to help you with this matter!

I am just a blogger but I have some of the outstanding relationship management books that I have read lately to help someone close to my life. You won’t believe that these books have changed her life altogether. You don’t have time to read it and apply it. That’s why I will precisely tell you the secret of every woman which can be handled perfectly.

These tips will definitely work as I am also a woman and as you know a girl knows another girl very well!

Before heading to give you some tips on making your life better with your partner, you should first need to understand why your partner gets so mad about certain things. Some of the things might be well-known to you as you have been living with her for a long time. BUT there are unfortunately many things that a girl intentionally hide just to avoid further chaos.

What are those hidden secrets?

As you have learned from the ever Romantic movie “Titanic”

A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.

Indeed, every woman carries a fake smile when she is actually crying. By this, I didn’t mean that girls are fake! What I meant to say is that a woman knows the situational circumstances that follow with her present moment. A woman hypothesizes an event in a lot of ways.

For instance, you forgot her birthday. You know the trouble that comes after it. She would be definitely pissed and annoyed with the thing that her only “Man in Life” can’t even remember her birthday. At that moment she won’t think about how busy you have been these days or what’s the matter behind forgetting her birthday. Inside her brain, she is actually thinking about…


  • “He doesn’t love me anymore.”
  • “He gets bored of me”
  • “He has changed a lot”
  • “For him, everything is important unless it’s my birthday”
  • He did remember his client’s birthday!

She would then create her compilations of negative thoughts and that is where you know you messed up your day.

So, how you gonna prepare your shield to keep her away from furious fire!

You must be busy but your phone’s not

This #1 Tip is REALLY important. Not to forget that everyone is busy in their life. It’s for sure you tend to forget a lot of things. But forgetting ‘something’ about your girl would be the worst thing you can ever do to your life.

Like forgetting her birthday, forgetting your engagement, she told you something to buy for her and you forget it. These things will make her feel that she is no more an important person in your life. See, every woman loves to be remembered like they are “special.”

If you wish her exactly at 12 on her birthday, she will be escalated with joy because that’s what makes her feel that you care for her.

I know for some men, remembering an event is not what they count for. But even if you do that, it will keep your relationship stronger. And moreover, in the world of technologies, you literally don’t have to keep it in your busy memories.

Set the reminders in your phone for all the important events and let her feel special during those days.

Do that and you will feel the change instantly in her mood (in a positive way).

A woman’s brain is really sharp in keeping up with dates. She actually waits for long to see your reaction on that auspicious days. So, don’t disappoint her by showing you don’t care to keep that in your memories. Same thing with any other important events that you both share and that means a lot to you. You know time will come and go but some of the important memories will remain just the same.

Now, get back to ok google Or Siri to keep a reminder on for your sweety girl.

I love you!

This is the least you can do to save your relationship from getting wayward. These are the magical three words that every woman loves to hear from her partner I love you. And trust me, these three words have got a healing power.

Tell her whenever you get time. Make her day romantic.

Things you can do to let her know how much you love her

  • When you see her in pressure or worrying about something, go to her and kiss her on her forehead. If she feels comfortable then you might prefer doing that on lips as well. The more you let her feel secure, the more relax and calm she will be. Grab her in your arms tightly and tell her those magical words
  • After dinner, help her with the dishes. Clean with her and swiftly grab her hand, kiss her and tell her how much you love her. This would for sure mend her broken days.
  • After waking up in the morning, fling your arm around her and while holding her tightly express your feelings for her. Express it to her that you would always stick to her no matter what happens. Tell her that her joys would be your joy and her grief would be your grief! Assure her that you will always protect her just like it’s your life.
  • While she is working on her table, surprise her with a warm kiss on her neck. Kissing on the neck is a wonderful feeling for every woman. Since every kiss is different (gives you different pleasures), neck kiss makes a woman feel secure with you and will make her believe that you CARE for her.

See, every time you don’t need to utter these three words. You can totally make her realize how much you love her by helping her get the days off.

You can even find some tricky ways to say “I love you”- like in the middle of your conversation while discussing about work suddenly comes up “Honey, I love you.” That unexpected blow of love is something every woman demands.

Kissing while expressing your love for her is a magical medicine for any relationship.

Never hide

This is again the most important part of a healthy relationship.

Have you ever asked yourself about living a quarrelsome life? And you get the reply as “Yes”, I have been living a life where every day I quarrel with my partner!

My dear, it isn’t good news for you. Studies show that couples who fight often lead to a lot of chaos in their relationship. Nevertheless, a lot of studies even prove that fighting is actually healthy for any relationship.

The fact is fighting can be sufficing sometimes but a long loooonnnnnng fight can destroy your love easily. Just take the case, if you heat the rope constantly, it will easily break one day.

The only way for a healthy relationship is not to hide anything from each other. This seems to be easy but studies find that 70% of couples tend to hide a lot of things. 70%!! That’s huge!! If you ask yourself why this argument started, you won’t get a satisfying result. Because in a fight between the partners, every coin seems to look alike.

Instance, you’ve been not feeling good about your job as you are thinking of settling upon business. You aren’t getting the strength to tell your partner regarding what’s going on with you for so many days. Because you simply don’t want any arguments.

Now the thing is, in a relationship, either of the partners actually anticipates a lot of events. Like in this scenario, the husband would think that…

  1.  My wife would never understand me.
  2. I don’t want to argue on this so sooner.
  3. I don’t want to feel her insecure about our financial crises.
  4. She won’t accept it at all

Now that’s what your brain is thinking. It hasn’t happened yet!! So why not give it a try and tell her explicitly what’s going on with you lately.

Explaining to your partner regarding your feelings, anxieties, depressions, excitements and all that either bothers you or make you feel strange, will make her understand when she should be behaving accordingly. You see, hiding anything from her will make her feel that you don’t take her seriously and that would let her brain to giggle around. She would think that you don’t consider her fit to share your part of life when you already took an oath before entering into this holy relationship.

Hiding would also make you feel hysterical. Your mind would then act wildly when she will pose any question regarding the thing that’s bothering you.

So, avoid anything that you can’t handle alone. Let your wife/partner know that you are highly disturbed by a particular thing. She loves you and will definitely understand you. Don’t let the thought come to your mind that “she would never understand me.” The logic is simple– if you hide, she will doubt. If she doubts, she will hate you!

She did, she still does, and she will persistently understand you!

Hold her hand, look into her eyes and tell her what’s been bothering you or anything that you need to tell her (that she need to know).

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You can do that

Be the lifetime supporter of your partner. That’s the thing which will make your relationship grow stronger and healthier. Every woman meets up with two important people in her life. One is her dad and the other is her husband. She wants to trust her husband the same way she does for her dad. Leaving the support of her father, a woman sees everything in her husband’s world. She creates a wonderful life so that you can live happily with her. For such a woman, you need to make her feel that she has trusted the right person.

There’s a lot of ways when your partner doesn’t feel confident about. Cheer her up! Take her out for a walk and explain to her that she can totally do it. Be the support stick for her. As you know women love compliments but exaggerated fake compliments are definitely not accepted. So, be at your best while giving her support in her adverse situation.

You might even see her moody nature sometimes. Be a mature man and handle her carefully letting her know that after every adversity comes the serendipity!

Understand her where she is troubled and draw the possibilities of her being successful (of course with reason). Even if she has failed her task, let her know that she deserves much better and that her failure would be just a lesson to be learned for a successful mission.

These little things can eradicate her accumulations of negative thoughts. You might even see tears of happiness rolling down her cheeks which means that she truly wants you near her.

Are you listening?

A man would be a “gentleman” only if he knows how to respect his lady. Respecting doesn’t mean to open gates or doors for her, or pulling the chair for her, or carrying bags for her. Nowadays, women actually don’t like these as every woman wants to be independent. They feel that when a man does all these for her lady means he is taking her weak. Today’s generation women are different so you have to treat her in that way.

What does my lady want then?

To listen to her calmly. You know women have a LOT of things to talk about. If your lady has a limited friend circle, she wants you to be her BFF.

  • She wants you to listen to her patiently
  • She wants you to laugh with her
  • She wants you to see the world she portrays
  • She wants to spend an unforgettable time with you

Be a gentleman by listening to her. Don’t pretend that you are listening and understanding everything when you are actually multi-tasking. These things piss off your partner easily. If you aren’t interested in her gossip then tell her that you don’t like that particular topic. It’s not in your interest. Remember what I said! Be Honest with your wife/ partner.

Tell her immediately if some topics aren’t your penchant.

Every woman likes a keen listener. Giving your own opinion in the middle of her conversation would make her feel you are paying attention to what she is saying.

Honey, I bought you presents

That’s the word your lady want to listen when she is all herself lately. Make her happy with some nice gifts or presents. You don’t have to wait for her birthday to surprise her. Surprise her at any odd time!

She would definitely like that. Don’t have to be expensive. Give her flowers with a lovely card. The card should be your love letter. Write something great for her. Write down how much thankful you are to have such a wonderful life partner.

Give her a kiss while giving her presents. That will, for sure, make her day!

If you are financially good and want to give your wife something outstandingly beautiful, surprise her with a cute little baby animal.

By this time, am feeling so romantic! It would definitely change your relationship to an extent that you will be grateful every day.

And if you don’t want to give her presents, you can totally impress her.

Like being humorous, sharing some old memories and reviving them and laughing together.

Sometimes giving the certain things that she needed but somehow couldn’t buy that, it will give her immense happiness.

Cuddling at odd times

If you ask me which is the thing that you like the most in men, my answer would be if the guy cuddles me from back at odd times. Like when am at the middle of some work or maybe when I wasn’t expecting any love reaction 😀

I love cuddles and so does any women. Cuddles coming at an unexpecting time is the most enchanting gestures from men. If your lady is too angry on you, give her a tight cuddle like you squeeze panda when he is playing. Your lady will immediately forget what she was upset for.

Love never dies

Every relationship faces some or the other issues. You definitely fight with your partner but you know she can not live without you. She loves you more than anything in her world. Henceforth, she trusts you more than herself.

Never cheat on her! Be honest with her and let her know that you have given her the priority to make your world beautiful with your family. She loves you and that’s why she would allow you to hang up with other girls but don’t take advantage of her fidelity.

Breaking someone’s heart doesn’t make you “cool” but makes you hollow from inside. Stick to your lady and be thankful to her every time. She is the one who creates a wonderful life with you. Don’t take her for granted!

These tips appear to be quite simple to apply but you will find that sometimes your busy scheduling doesn’t allow you to get close to your partner. It’s fine! But whenever possible take her out for a walk, make her feel happy and grateful. If she is happy, she will make you happy. That’s the simple logic of a healthy life. Avoid something that’s troubling her too much. Sort it out together by letting her know that your only preference is she and no other!

You know a better relationship starts with understanding!