How Apple Came Out From The Crowd

All the media and competitive companies are boggled with the news of Apple hitting from million to $1 trillion market value which is what makes this company to become the first publicly traded U.S company to sit on such a historical record. Though a lot of speculation is made about Amazon which is also on the verge of hitting $1 trillion mark after it’s positive Q3 results (and if you have no idea about Q3 or Q4; it’s basically a consecutive three-month period that a company uses to report its earnings and dividends. The first quarter consists of months- January, February, and March; the second quarter consists of April, May, and June; the third quarter consists of July, August, and September; the fourth quarter consists of October, November, and December.)

Keeping Amazon aside, what makes Apple so different from other brands and highly competitive companies. The answer lies in the “potential customers.” If you have ever bought any Apple products, say MacBook, or iPhone or maybe the Mac personal computer, you very well know how it stays with you like your girlfriend 😉 I mean your true girlfriend!

How sleek and compact it designed for every product. Talking about its technology. Apple invested in its incredible invention is what makes it so much glamorous. Apple gets its treasure hunt from Apple Inc- it is an American multinational technology company. It has its headquarters in California that designs develop and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

The popularity of the company (including its demand) depends upon not only the stylish look or features. But on a lot of things like their customer care services, the quality retention and more. I’ll discuss it in detail later. As we all are celebrating Apple’s success, let’s find out what makes this company so different and lustrous.

Even if you don’t like apple, you are bound to eat it…

Okay! Don’t judge me based on what you just read. It’s as simple as- even if you don’t like Apple, somewhere deep the line you dream of having it (yeah! when you have enough to buy). With your savings, you jump to buy one. Have you ever wondered why Apple never depend upon advertisements? It’s because, since the technological advancement, it never needed a helping hand to show how fantastic they are. Their customers advertise the product because they have the faith and trust in, Apple products, Apple devices, Mac, Laptop, Apple Laptop

Apple is known for it’s technological innovation. It gives a complete user-friendly interface with the aesthetics of Apple hardware and software remaining consistent. It has always succeeded in making an emotional bonding with their customers. Remember the ad? The late nineties t.v commercial ad featuring Einstein, John Lennon, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King. It did create a deep impact in the minds of the customers. These legends were shown as the “crazy ones” and portrays that…

“the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

This ad itself is the best example of a brand who believes in innovation, progress, and creativity.

Crazy buyers

Steve Jobs, by far, was the outstanding leader who is not akin to only innovation. Nowadays we use Apple products because we think it’s necessary but ‘thinking like a geek,’ these products necessarily are not amongst the must-haves. So, what makes Apple products to look at them and say “I need it.” The answer lies in Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs created his Geeky engineers incandescently who make products for themselves. Sound weird? But indeed what happens inside Apple’s R&D area. Unlike other companies, it doesn’t follow the principle of whether or not people want to use it or not, but they compel their buyers to add to their must-have product list. In fact, the engineers itself say that they “can’t live without” Apple. And this encourages the engineers to make products that they fall in love with.

Jobs represented the real customer. Today we enjoy rich Apple products because we are compelled to take it as our necessity and this compulsion isn’t a force. Moreover, who doesn’t want those stylish sleek branded product in their day to day life!

Firstly, the smartphones have always enthralled us. And the expectation of the customers was elated with a vast tornado. There comes the broad markets of iPhones, and people showing their possessiveness about Apple products.  These crazy Apple fans literally get their eyes stuck on the latest innovational product. Even many parts of the world have seen a long queue, standing in line for 24-48 hours to grab the iPhone on the very first day.

Some interesting fact: A survey conducted on these people who stood awaited for pretty long time just to have the ‘talk-of-the show’ product in their hands; when asked about why are they wasting their time standing since morning. Most of them replied saying “they don’t even know why they are standing in the line for hours to buy an iPhone.” Its just they want it!

Apple iPhone, apple device, phone, smartphone, iPhoneNow that’s what I call “think differently.” When buying an Apple product you don’t have to see if you need it. Your brain will teach you the basic thing which will voluntarily give you the energy to BUY it.

Simplicity is the key

From the business sector, “choice” plays an important role. Every brand you go through will provide you with tons of choices. Samsung has got numerous smartphone models and so does Gucci with their wide range of apparels and accessories; then why these brands never get to taste the success platform that Apple has tasted? Its because Apple knows how to play with the minds of their customers. By playing I meant, the act of letting people trust what they know and buy it at once.

Talking about iPhone, you won’t find varieties of models to choose from. You need iPhone, you get iPhone. It is actually a major initiative of the company to limit the decision-making process of the customers which is good to an extent because things would be pretty easy. A lot of companies make tons of their product which can do good to their customers but seriously it makes a little bit hard for the staff to go through each of the products and have a thorough knowledge about it. In fact, you are bound to get confused, when you visit any retail shop, about which would be a long-time trustee product. Of course, you will have choices but those choices would lead you to nowhere.

Here comes the batman to save the world from the monsters 😀 Batman being Apple and monsters being the ‘choices.’

Apple understands the importance of ‘simplicity.’ It is not tempted to add multiple versions of an iPhone or iPad.

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Never invented but reinvented

Apple did everything to make its product user-friendly, excellent in-store experience and most importantly, gaining the trust of its customers with their vision of long-term perspective.  Apple should not be credited for discovering things that humans had not been accessed with. Just think about MP3 Player- it was not only Steve Jobs who invented it, rather it was reinvented. The royalty of Apple should not be cheered up for making smartphones. The smartphone was already on pace when Apple was working with their models. Steve Jobs (along with  ‎Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne) formed a team to bring out the refined functionality of a smartphone and give a different definition to a smart living. Likewise, Apple did not invent the tablet, it was reinvented and made better with times. Apple only works on those which they can improve it and make it much better and easy and modish to use.

 “Our goals are very simple — to design and make better products. If we can’t make something that is better, we won’t do it”- Jonathan Ive, Designer of Apple.

Lastly But most important!steve jobs, apple device, CEO of Apple

Way ahead of the enemies

You are sure to get inspired by what Steve Jobs did and how he worked. This ignited flame of inspiration has to lead you to create something like him…but here lies the truth of this overpowering company. You can’t copy him. You can at least learn but can never imitate. Every competitor of Apple today think of competing with this incontrovertible question of ‘can you defeat Apple?’ But unfortunately, they can’t 🙁

While those who are competing with Apple are getting their products to market that are competitive, Apple is already working on the products which are at least two years out. When we look at the chronology of the iPhone or iPad, it was signed off way before it came to the market and churn up everyone who were trying to make some changes in the world.

With this am packing up. Hope you liked reading it. Give us some feedback in the comment section! Don’t forget to tell your own Apple story.