So, how many times you have typed ‘$how to get rich in the 21st Century?‘ And still have no clue! When we think about earning money in the 21st Century, we landed upon facing innumerable challenges and competitions. ‘No pain no gain,’ I hope you all are aware of this. Indeed, we need to squeeze out a lot from our body in order to run with the successors. If you too, like others, tired of struggling financially and really need some boost up principles in your life then surely you have come to the right place. See, being rich is closely related to how you manage your money or more precisely; how you manage money wisely. Friends, being successful is not that tough though. You just need to know some basic rules and guidelines. And by following these you will be ready for the monetarily prosperous career. So, let’s begin with some TIPS FOR MONEY MANAGEMENT. Before you start questioning about anything else, let me clear this out that you will be rich. Yes, definitely. Just a little bit of skillful decision making and using your money wisely, you are get to go! I have a bonus tip for you guys. So, don’t miss it out

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Here’s the First step of your lift in revenue


⇒ Don’t be shy to add whatever money you are getting from your, say, relatives or your friends or the gemstone of your house ( yeah! your Grandma or Grandpa), into your bag. I know it might appear to you as funny but trust me. When you have little sugar you know where to sacrifice! So, be confident in putting those amounts into your saving lists. Because this little money will play a major role in your later investments. Suppose you have got $2 from your beloved mother on your birthday and at once you thought of spending it by buying stuff (say chocolates! Oh I damn love it!) BUT no! You shouldn’t do that. Instead of wasting money on food and buying items, you should keep that amount for further investment. Now, you might be asking- ‘So where should I invest this $2?’ For that, the Second tip will help you:-


⇒ Money management could be a little bit tough for those who don’t exactly know what to do and how to do. But believe me, for those who have got the key, they know it very well that it’s not that tough to go near the door of wealthiness. Remember! I talked about $2?  And saving it for further investment! Here comes the first stream of income.

money management, stock market, cryptocurrency, alt coins, money online, quick revenue, entrepreneurship, billionaireInvest your money in some stocks, or bonds or any other of that sort which will give you an annual return on investment. Now, you must be thinking that $2 won’t give me much even if I invest. But! Just imagine that you somehow manage to get $2 more amount from any source ( like you run a small business). It need not have to be huge. Only some will do. And then with the amount, divide it with your daily needs v/s how much you can invest your money. Keep this in your mind that when am talking about the investment it means keeping and holding it for a long term. You should not buy and sell your stocks every day. This way you can lose a lot of money and then……forget about the Money Plant! You just need to learn how to choose good stocks which have solid fundamentals and excellent leadership in industries that will have a great hope for future growth.



⇒ Let others call you a stingy hoarder. It’s absolutely fine to save money. Saving money on small things is good. Our next tip is to focus on big goals. In order to capture the vast market, you need to sacrifice a lot. By sacrificing, I mean financially. Of course, you have to sacrifice your present for future. Millionaires have worked like this till date. You just need to distinguish between your ‘desires’ and ‘importance.’ See, at an initial stage, you need to understand where to sacrifice that won’t loss you much. And shift your target completely on achieving big. For example, if you want to be rich, don’t think about saving your money for buying a car. Rather, think about having a cycle or a low-cost bike that would help you with your long journey. Henceforth, you can save a lot to be invested in creating multiple wealth.

If you look at self-made millionaires, they have got multiple sources of income. And it’s not that they have started multiple sources of income after they get rich but they have inculcated the scheme when they were working hard to reach their set goals. They have also started with small and then expanding it to multiple streams of income. Trust me, Millionaires are super savers. Millionaires saved 19% on an average and let the company do some heavy lifting. Even the study from the Center for Retirement Research suggests that 15% of savings a year for three decades will be enough for your retirement.


⇒ Stop chasing for security which ultimately leads you to insecure pathways. This is the mistake that every poor people do. Once you get the hen that lays golden eggs, you don’t have to wait for individual golden eggs. Hope you get what I meant. It is such a small and trivial thing that most people obviously ignore. But, let me tell you a secret! Straight away coming from the millionaire’s basic principle of life, security is the least thing they bother for. If you are chasing for the security, you are basically a coward. You are afraid of working hard.



Yes, it’s true. In search of security, you actually lose the passion of your life. You tend to lose the adventure of life. And simultaneously you lose everything. If you really want to be secure, you have to choose the bricks strong for your building and it’s only possible if you understand your passion and where to spend time on. Our next step will lead you one step closer to your magnificent palace.


⇒ Understand your passion and work for it, not a tough thing right! Ask yourself questions. What you are good at. Where you can spend your energy on. Learn hard to polish your creativity.

Read motivational books as much as you can. If you have no reading habits then you should develop. Books are the best way to start your own venture. You will find solutions to all your queries. Millionaires read more than 10 books a day. And they are still learning. [ Here’s another tip from my side- If you are confused about which way to go then pick different works and give yourself an adequate time to understand if it’s the one you want to go for. Relax, it’s completely fine to take some time. Remember! Rome was never built in a day. Hence, practice is what makes you perfect.]


Here’s a quick look- Start by adding smallest of amount to your bag→ Choose a trusted platform which grows your wealth→ Invest on such source which promises for multiplication of your wealth→ Focus on big and sacrifice the little desires→ Kill your security and start creating your passion→ Collect information that will help to create your passion.

So, next time don’t be the person who searches for ‘$How To Get Rich In The 21st Century,’ instead be that ONE whom people searches you for! Now talking about the { Bonus Tip}……

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