DOGS! I know dear, you have got your cute little (or maybe big one) dog and you don’t want to give your dog the meal that you are completely against of. That’s why you search for “Can dogs be vegan”?  A lot of question pops up when you think about the canines. By nature, canine animals have got teeth which helps them for ripping and tearing flesh.  So, most of us think that by no means dogs can be vegan! But, let me give you a good news. Your dog, just like you, will start adoring other species and will only thrive on a plant-based diet.

And one more thing, if you want your dog to live for longer life, you need to shift from meat to plant-based food. Before proceeding to the actual diet plan of your dog, let me tell you one thing. If your dog is grown enough to accustomed to the meat products then it would be a little bit tough for him/her to understand why there is no scent of meat for so long. But don’t worry! Just go slowly and make them understand. And am always there to help you.

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Even many years of research have proven that the diseases associated with the consumption of meat in humans, such as cancers (various types of), allergies, heart, kidney, bones problems; also affect many non-humans as well. Having canine teeth necessarily does not mean that you need to rely on meat products for the survival ( same for your pet as well). Converting your dog into vegan would be safer for them as well. Don’t get shocked but an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Specialist said that the unrendered protein in their diet may come from heads, feet, viscera, and other animal parts. Many of these animals have died of infections. No one wants to kill their own pets right? But this is what happens. We are killing our pets!


An article from Peta,  “If you are concerned about your companion animals’ health and about the cruelty of the meat industry, now is the time to stop buying meat-based commercial pet food.”


What’s more nauseating is that most of the pet meals contain the pesticides and antibiotics that are found in the commercial meat-products of humans. As per the other toxics, it can go unnoticed till it’s too late.

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A 2017 report showed that because of the substance (melamine) found in pet’s food had resulted in deaths of at least 16 animals, had sickened thousands. Despite such a massive delinquency, the federal government does not penalize these companies that are placing the lives of these innocent creatures in danger. Moreover, maximum owners complained about the sensitiveness of their dogs towards their eatables. Dogs with food allergies are basically sensitive to specific animal proteins. And don’t worry dogs can safely digest and enjoy their vegan meals.


What vegan diet plan can my dog follow?

First of all, you should acknowledge about the right nutrients your dog will receive.

  • Before choosing any commercial vegan dog products make sure that it has Taurine, L-Carnitine, B vitamins (especially B12), vitamin D. (In case you don’t want to spend extra money on vegan dog food products then I ‘ll definitely  tell you about how you can manage with your home meal supplies.)
  • Search for the highly digestible proteins like soybeans, rice, oats, yeast, lentils, quinoa, and soy protein isolate. You have to make sure what your dog can digest. There are many dog’s food products on the market that would be highly rich in protein but you have to see for the digestible factor. Not all sources of the protein are same. The minimum amount of protein set by AAFCO standards is 18%. Now the amount of protein varies according to the activeness of your dog. For low-active dogs, 18 % is okay but for highly-active dogs will need a higher amount of protein.
  • Dogs can not process excess salt, so beware of giving them too much, especially if you’re adding some of your own dinner or leftovers to their meals.
  • This is exactly not related to vegan food but just for your dog’s healthy life- take your dog on daily walks in the sunshine as it is important for their intake of vitamin D.

What to give my dog?

Up to now if you still have any doubts regarding the swinging of the diet plan of your dog then you should know about Bramble.  A highly inspiring story of a vegan dog. Okay, let’s move to the actual question now. ‘what to give my dog?’ Dogs can actually enjoy a wide range of vegan-food which includes carrots, broccoli, and other veggies, rice, quinoa, lentils, certain types of beans (Note: many dogs can’t digest beans properly, as a result, they tend to fill the house with their flatulence. So make sure you do a good research on your breed), dark leafy greens like spinach and kale would be nutritious for your dog.

Do a careful attention on amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in your vegan dog diet. It’s always recommendable to consult a pet nutritionist before making any changes into their diet.


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Here are some of the popular vegan dog diets brands

  • V- Dog
  • Halo Vegan Garden Stew
  • Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula
  • Wysong Vegan Dog Food
  • Ami Dog
  • Natural Balance
  • Benevo (UK Brand)

Dogs can easily live on a vegan diet but the only problem is you (being their owner) have to be very careful while making your dog fit for the plant-based diet. After all, it’s your baby and you will know more about them. Just do a lot of research; choosing of careful preparation of meals will definitely give your dog the required nutrients.

Dogs need a specific combination and ratio of nutrients, not specific ingredients.

Keeping this in mind you can slowly and carefully go with the vegan-diet routine of your dog. Tell us if you need to know about training your dog into adapting the vegan-diet plan.

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Thank you!