If you have thought of choosing a vegan option for your cosmetics, that’s a good decision. If you have taken the decision of buying wet n wild…umm! Think once again.

After watching some beauty gurus, actually a lot of beauty gurus, appraising wet n wild, I was so so excited with the product that I immediately ordered it without even thinking twice.

After I had my product in my hand, my expectations were all mudded and I left with brutally honest reviews on wet n wild products.

A little note from me: I am not here to disparage wet n wild. In fact, I liked certain products from them as well. The thing is, I need to blog about their products to let certain people know about the honest review of their application. If a product is good and feels superb on the skin, I will absolutely praise them. But this time, wet and wild has really upset me.

I will be reviewing some of the product from wet n wild, as I only buy those that I need which gives me only natural look. So if you have come here for an all-rounder makeup products (like bronzer, contour, baking), you will be disappointed.

How I end up buying wet n wild

I was in hunt of buying something that ranges within 500 (in Indian rupees). I heard from a lot of youtubers how they got discounts on wet n wild and most importantly, how the products absolutely suit them.

While watching those beauty gurus doing swatches and reviews on the product, they made me feel like there is nothing affordable and such a worthful product on such a range.

I completely forgot that the beauty gurus had the affiliate links from either Amazon or Flipkart or wherever they have taken from. Which ultimately means, they will be getting money from promoting those products and hence they can’t say anything too disgraceful about the product. I ignored everything and focussed on their content.

After falling into the pray, I ordered in total 14 products of wet n wild. I ordered those from Flipkart and got certain discounts.

I first received 9 products in a small cartoon box. My first thought was, how the jeez all those 9 products came inside such a little box. It was really really small.

I opened it and was SHOCKED!

Testing part 1- reviewing, swatching and applying

Starting up with the eyeshadow palette-

  • Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette
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Quantity 8.5 g

I got the product at 373 INR (MRP 499). It’s nude awakening and has got 4.3 star stars in Flipkart. It has 2189 ratings and what else needs to confirm about the faithfulness of the product.

Wet n wild eyeshadow palette has 4 shades

  1. Rosé In The Air – 10gm
  2. Nude Awakening – 10gm
  3. Not a Basis Peach – 10gm
  4. Comfort Zone – 8gm

As per the quantity, you won’t get much of the product. The palette is really small. It’s only 11cm in width.

The colors will blend on your eyes pretty smoothly. But the texture, to me, looks kind of cheap. But as per the price, I think you would never get a full satisfied application.

You can use the brown and the transition shade for your regular purpose. Other than that, the shimmer ones will do good for your cut crease portion.

I am not 100% dissatisfied but it’s somewhere in the middle of 70-80%. I can definitely use the palette for my regular purpose.

  • Wet n Wild MegaGlo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter
wet n wild halo, wet n wild liquid glitter, makeup, brands, products, cosmetics
Quantity 15 ml

I got the product from Flipkart at 415 INR (MRP 675). The product has got 4.2 stars and 234 ratings.

Halo highlighetr comes in 6 shades for different skin tones.

  1. Holographic
  2. Halo, Goodbye
  3. Rosy and ready
  4. Guilded glow
  5. Goddess glow
  6. Go with the glow

First of all, let me clear this out. Why we buy a highlighter? To get that extra natural glow.

Does this highlighter works in bringing the extra natural glow?

NO! After applying the application, your face will have some shine but that shine is nowhere close to the natural glow that you always wanted.

It’s actually like a little shine type thing on your face. You can definitely apply like after primer to get the extra glowy texture. But unlike the makeup gurus, your face would look a little bit like a plastiky.

If you want a good primer, check out the link below. It’s an affiliate link and has taken from Amazon. I got this on discount. I use this primer. It’s absolutely amazing! Will make your skin oil-free throughout the day. It’s really suitable for summer purpose.

Check it here on Amazon

Trust me! When I got this product on hand and then on my face, I couldn’t think of anything else other than this one. It’s perfect for all skin types and Indian weathers.

At the end, the highlighter wears away, and you will start shredding all your glowy face with sweat. These types of highlighter is definitely not meant for this Indian type of summer.

As we have a huge humidity, your excess makeup will drown because of the excess sweat.

You can expect about 5-6 hours of support from this appliation. After that it will just vanish. In my case, I start to look two shades darker.

Would I recommend it to buy?

You can if you want, but again, because of the three flaws, I would rather suggest you to not spend money on this highlighter.

  1. The product itself is very less. Don’t overuse it or you will finish it off within a few weeks.
  2. Won’t give you a natural glow.
  3. Wears off very quickly.

And one more thing, it won’t even blend into your skin quite effectively.

For me, it was a complete waste of money. I like only natural look with makeup. These products will never give you that natural look whatsoever.

  • Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick

I got both the lipsticks from Flipkart at 306 INR (MRP 499). You will find a lot of different shades for different skin types. You won’t have any issue in choosing the perfect color for you.

Other than that, what else it has?


This isn’t my first time when I have applied a matte liquid lipstick. It was so disappointing that I can not even explain through words. These are my few words for the lipstick.

  1. It feels like as if you have applied a solution of gums on your lips. The application is really tacky and sticky.
  2. It dries down really quick. You have to apply lip balm on top of it to protect your lips from excess dryness.
  3. The quantity you will get is really less.

I have no issues with the shades and colors. The colors are beautiful but the product is extremely patchy.

  • Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer
Quantity 8.5 ml

A straight away NO!

You know the way you see beauty gurus hiding all their impections through a concealer, that doesn’t work with this one.

It gives you a very light coverage and will crease your under-eye. It is just a waste of money.

I bought this concealer at 298 INR (399 MRP). This product has got 4.1 stars on Flipkart and 1,898 ratings.

I thought if this is highly demanded, why not give it a try.

That was my most bad decision ever!

Why you should not be buying this concealer:

  • There is literally 2% of product inside.
  • Does nothing. And if you still want to conceal with this, you will end up spoiling your skin by looking cakey.
  • It will make your skin really really dry.

Beware if you are buying it from Flipkart because a lot of customers do complained about the wrong shades they received.

  • Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Glitter
glitter eyeshadow, wet n wild eye shadow, makeup, beauty gurus
Quantity 1.4g

Again, don’t get fooled by the image that you see from online. I thought the product would be atleast 5 cm tall. Oh Gosh! It is just 3 cm.

I purchased it at 114 INR (135 MRP). It has got 3.8 stars on Flipkart and 4179 ratings.

Wet n wild has got a pretty much good amount of collection of these glitters. But the application is not so good!

While applying, you have to be quick enough to work with your glitter. To be honest, the product looks kind of cheap glitters.

The worst part about this glitter is, it smudges with the rest of your eyeshadow and ruin your entire look by the fall of glitters all over your eyes.

  • ProLine Felt Tip Eyeliner – Wet n Wild
eyeliner, wet n wild eyeliner, eyeliner pro
Quantity 0.5 g

I kept this eyeliner as my last review, not giving it bad but a good thumbs up.

I have no complaints regarding the eyeliner. It works smoothly and you will get a fair amount of application while using.

I got this at 298 INR (399 MRP). It has got 4 stars and 452 ratings.

It’s not completely waterproof. But it doesn’t wears away easily. Though I have applied the product once so am not sure what will happen after 2-3 uses.

I just don’t make this out why all the wet n wild products are so small and tiny. We are paying a pretty much good amount for the product. I just don’t approve this.

My final conclusion is- I would never buy wet n wild (especially these items) again. I will find some other cruelty-free cosmetics but not wet n wild. It’s definitely not feasible for me.