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I have always dreamt of a world where animals won't be afraid with humans in any respect. I see a completely healthy and clean environment. AND it's absolutely possible if you stop thinking that "even if I quit eating flesh, I can't do away with my makeup, attire or any fashion statement. It must be really expensive to adopt a vegan fashionable life." No, my dear! That's why I want to change the mind of people dealing with this dilemma.Hope, you'll support us in making a better place!

Cruelty-free Cosmetic Options available in India

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Look for these tips while shopping for any cosmetics.Identifying your cosmetics-Look for cruelty-free certification- Leaping Bunny, CCF Rabbit, Caring Consumer by PETA. Look for these symbols. Read the description of the products carefully. If any product says we don't test on animal BUT WITH EXCEPTION. It's better to leave the product. "With exception" brands do tests on animals.

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