Success Party For Ariana

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of bubbles”

That’s what been on our lips all the time since the release of 7 Rings – Ariana Grande’s Second Single hit in her newest album Thank you, Next.

Crossing over 68 Million views on YouTube by now, she is rocking the entire world with her song. Ariana celebrated this time with vegan snacks. As Arianators know how much she loves animals, so why not celebrate in a more friendly way!

If you follow her, you must have gone through her Insta story where she shared a glimpse of her party. The videos showed Grande singing to the small pig, who has her own Instagram with nearly 600,000 followers.

The pig deserves it!

Another Instagram video showed party guests relishing on the tasty vegan bacon Pig Out Chips. This @outstandingfood was “stealing the whole damn show.”

Most of you foodies are stuck with what’s that? The chips!

These vegan bacon Pig Out Chips are entirely plant-based and contain “no chemicals, no cruelty.,” They are made from slices of mushroom with seasoning and are said to taste like bacon.

pig out chips

vegan snacks

Inside the Insta story from Ariana Grande’s party

Seriously, these chips are estimated to be one of the hottest snacks of 2019 ;-0

The vegan snack is said to taste like bacon and has 73% less saturated fat and 69% less sodium than cooked pork bacon. That’s what we appreciate! A party without any animals’ pain and sufferings.

Ariana Grande’s take on veganism

How she started

Ariana always claimed that since she was little, she always kept meat minimally. 2013 was her sympathetic step to bring an end to animal sufferings where she officially remarked.

…since I was little and always kept meat minimal but today marks my first day as a 100% vegan!!!! Joyous day.

Ariana has always shown her compassion for animals through her social media accounts.

Her Twitter is filled with the sounding board for her cruelty-free messages. Her Instagram too gets the attention of millions of people where she shares her best moments with furry friends.

ariana with her dog

She also called upon her Twitter followers to stand up for elephants by putting an end to ivory poaching.

Ariana has always been outspoken about adopting animals instead of buying them from stores. We respect her thought and compassionate contribution for these innocent not-so-lucky beings.




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